Easy Legendary Items to Farm in New World

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    Are you not quite level 60 yet but want to spend some time farming legendary items in New World? Then you are in the right place. In this article, FarmGolds will show you some items that are easily farmed before you hit level 60 in the game, and some of them will still be good once you do hit max level.


    Brilliant Refraction and Baal Crystal

    The first one is a bit of a twofer, located in the Green Defile on the east side of Brightwood. The Brilliant Refraction is a sword, and the Baal Crystal is a Trinket. They both drop from the same enemy, Meldue, Soldier of Blight, who is a level 33 member of the Angry Earth. He's flanked by two guards, which makes him a little harder. But if you bring a buddy to shoot the breeze with on the farm, it'll make him a lot easier to kill. The respawn time on him is about one minute, so even if you don't get either item early on, you'll still end up getting a lot of tries in. You need to be level 41 to get the Brilliant Refraction to drop, but you only need to be 40 to wear it, and it's BOP. On the other hand, you need to be 41 to get the Baal Crystal to drop, but you have to be 52 to wear it, and it's a really great Neck.


    Reis' Lucky Piece

    This time I was going after Reis' Lucky Piece, and I also picked up a couple of Admiral's Musket along the way. For this earring, you need to be level 41 to get it to drop, and it's from Swogglesmear, a level 25 pirate, and you also need to be level 44 to wear it. This pirate respawns in under a minute, so it’s a pretty quick respawn timer. If you go here at 41, you'll have no problems mowing him down solo. Swogglesmear cave is located in the east of Windsward on the map right here.




    It took me 61 times to kill Swogglesmear before he finally dropped this item, which I guess is RNG's paying me back.


    Bitterroot Trinket

    You need to be level 44 to get this one to drop, and level 47 to wear it. This drops off a Fangsnap, a level 42 beast, and you can find his cave right here. By killing the Fangsnap, you can get more Coins in New World, and many other rewards.




    This item took me the longest to farm because his respawn timer is about five to six minutes. Be prepared to watch some Netflix or other streaming services while you're doing this farm. Fangsnap's Den is located in the Sunshade Plains of the Restless Shore.


    Ill-Gotten Gain

    And finally, we have the Ill-Gotten Gain, dropped by Foreman Harold and located in the Profane Seam in the south of Edengrove. You have to be level 51 to get it to drop and level 54 to wear it. However, once you do acquire it, you will wear this until you're level 60. Due to the level requirements to be in this area from the mobs that are around, this one is the hardest to get, but it's not overly difficult to kill Foreman Harold himself. This boss's respawned time is under a minute, so it's super easy to grab a buddy heading up there, and just farm this guy until it drops because he just spawns so fast. In addition to that, it's a great farm because almost every time we killed him, he got a potion and an additional item, and most of them were green. But sometimes I'd get two greens, sometimes I'd get a blue and a green. When I picked up this legendary the Ill-Gotten Gain, I stuck around for a few more kills just to see what happened, and hopefully pick up Harold's Rifle, but I did get another blue, another green, another double green drop, so this is an excellent farm for all the things.


    These are five really great legendary items that you can get before you're level 60. And most of this content comes from Rob Unwraps's videos. If you like this guide, you can follow his channel.


    Lastly, I sincerely hope the above content will help you. By the way, if you want to know where to buy New World Coins, FarmGolds is the best place for you. We not only have cheap coins for sale, but also have a good reputation. Choose us, and you will never be disappointed.


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