Efficient Strength Build - (Darks Souls 3)

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    Build Overview

    This build aims to perform all the basic maneuvers that Strength builds are capable of, though with a streamlined plan that can be altered as needed, such as splitting up the points invested in Faith with Intelligence for pyromancies instead of miracles.

    The goal of this best Strength build in Dark Souls 3 is to hit foes hard at close range while poising through their attacks to stagger and maybe stun-lock them or using spells to pressure them from further away. Nothing ground-breaking, but none can deny this Greatsword-using build is a reliable one.


    PVP Tips

    The biggest counter to this build is dark-type magic, as Morne's Set does not possess the greatest damage reduction against this element.

    This means that players will be susceptible to dark sorceries and dark miracles, however, those who are using the Faith variant of this build should be able to deal with these kinds of threats better than Intelligence-focused ones.


    PVE Tips

    A balance between melee attacks and spells will be important for those using this build. While it will be tempting to cleave enemies apart solely using the Greatsword, players could get more damage out of each swing if they use a spell to buff their weapon. Since PvE enemies don't really plan their attacks, players should be able to out-think them in any situation.



    Souls Level: 120

    Vigor: 27

    Attunement: 14

    Endurance: 30

    Vitality: 37

    Strength: 50

    Dexterity: 12

    Intelligence: 8 (30 if using pyromancies)

    Faith: 30 (8 if using pyromancies)

    Luck: 11

    ² Equipment

    Right Hand: 8

    Greatsword + 10

    Buy Greatsword-(MAX UPGRADED)-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Left Hand: 14

    Simple Small Leather Shield +10 (& Talisman +10 or Pyromancy Flame +10)

    Buy Small Leather Shield-(MAX UPGRADED)-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds

    Buy Talisman-(MAX UPGRADED)-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Head: 6

    Morne's Helm

    Buy Morne's Helm-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Chest: 6

    Morne's Armor

    Buy Morne's Armor-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Hands: 6

    Morne's Gauntlets

    Buy Morne's Gauntlets-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Legs: 6

    Morne's Leggings

    Buy Morne's Leggings-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Ring 1: 10

    Havel's Ring +3

    Buy Havel's Ring +3 -(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Ring 2: 10

    Ring of Favor +3

    Buy Ring of Favor +3 -(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Ring 3: 3

    Prisoner's Chain

    Buy Prisoner's Chain-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Ring 4: 3

    Knight's Ring

    Buy Knight's Ring-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


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