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    Elden Ring is Now Live. Recently, this highly anticipated game has been a hot topic, as FromSoftware has crafted the fantasy RPG with a completely new storyline. And with that comes numerous curious players who are playing a Souls game for the first time. If you don't know how to start it, this guide is for you. Today FarmGolds, as a professional Elden Ring Runes seller, will cover some essential tips to help you along your journey.


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    Choosing a Starting Class

    If you have never taken on a Souls-like game before, you may find yourselves overwhelmed by the choice of classes in Elden Ring. There are 10 unique classes: Hero, Bandit, Astrologer, Warrior, Prisoner, Confessor, Wretch, Vagabond, Prophet, and Samurai. Your starting class determines your initial stats and equipment at the beginning of the game. Click this article to learn their stats.


    As with most class-based games, some classes will be more suited to advanced players, while beginners to the genre can't go wrong with the Warrior class. It isn't fancy and is easy to control. Players will get up close and personal with their enemies, using melee attacks that deal incredible damage. I guess that the melee combat Warrior would be a pretty safe class to start, but you're best picking the class that best suits your favorite play style. But you'd better choose a class that best fits your play style.


    Exercising Patience and Caution

    Here is exercising patience and caution. The Souls game has a devious enemy design and layouts specifically, and they are designed to lull you into a false sense of security and then ambush you when you least expected it. Take your time when approaching enemies, and don't rush, or you find yourself amidst a flurry of enemy blades. Still, I also suggest that you use caution and patience when confronting enemies to avail you of further frustration.


    Remember, it's all about patience in Souls-like games. If you keep your calm, plan, and execute your attacks correctly, you'll find yourself enjoying this game more than you have expected. 


    Farming Runes Elden Ring to Upgrade Your Stats

    You can farm Elden Ring Runes to upgrade your stats if you feel underpowered. This is a feasible option in Souls games. You can find some good spots to farm fast Elden Ring Runes and slay enemies until you own enough Runes to level up a few levels.  


    Analyzing Your Enemies

    Take the time to analyze your enemies, and you'll find yourself breezing through encounters that you may have been struggling with. Those of you who have played hardcore action games on the harder difficulties as victory is decided upon you. Analyzing and paying attention to what the enemies do similarly in Elden Ring, if you pay attention to an enemy, you'll likely be able to tell what cues they're giving out. Usually, they'll give out some sort of audio cue and visual cue to let you know that they are about to attack, and at this point, you know that you need to dodge and block.


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    There'll be cues when they're rearing up for specific attacks. Perhaps you should rush into go ahead and stagger them before they're able to get a specific attack out.


    Doing Backstabs/Using Stealth

    You get behind an enemy, allowing for a critical attack with your weapon. It implies you are able to use Stealth mechanics in Elden Ring to give you an advantage against enemies. The crouch mechanic allows you to move around virtually unnoticed and line up Backstab, a critical attack that does critical damage. Of course, if you're engaged in open combat with an enemy already, Stealth is not an option.


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    Getting Horse

    This horse is going to allow you to travel around the world much faster and helps you get away ride if you're overwhelmed by a mob of enemies. Since you can summon it on the fly, you can heal on the horse, attack on a horse, and even cast spells from the horse, so the horse has tons of benefits.


    You can rocket up or down vertical places. Otherwise, it wouldn't be able to reach easily on foot, so special steed can get it on this S tier and then do what you want, but keep in mind that the horses are disabled in multiplayer.


    Rolling Your Shield

    Shields are really powerful in the Souls game, especially with the Ashes of War skill called Barricade Shield. The shield is usually recommended to Souls-like genre newcomers. You can use them from the get-go until you get comfortable with Roll/Dodge mechanics. Having a shield can make the game a little bit easier if you know how to manage it. Larger shields will block even the heaviest of attacks.


    Exploring the Open World

    Don't be afraid to explore. Go out there to search every nook and cranny of the game world, and you may be surprised at what you find. When you stray off the beaten path, you may come across something like a weapon, armor, or even a talisman that could give you the advantage against an enemy that's been giving you grief for quite a long time. Along with finding those Elden Ring items, sometimes you'll be able to find paths around the enemies, allowing you to circumvent them altogether.


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    Learning from Your Mistakes

    If you make mistakes or die, it doesn't matter. It's all a learning process. The more trials and time you put into the game, the more you will learn and become a better player. If you can do that repeatedly, you'll beat the game and have a blast playing it as you'll get better and better each step.


    Saving Your Materials

    Avoid the frivolous use of weapon upgrade materials. You can use Ashes of War and Smithing Stone Shards to upgrade your Elden Ring weapons, while these materials are wealthy. I suggest that you choose the upgrades wisely, at least until the community finds the optimal farming strategies and routes.


    Limiting What You Upgrade

    Upgrade your gear sparingly. Shards are supposedly harder to find in the game to upgrade weapons. In contrast, in the test, they are dropping like candy, but you can still farm them from certain bigger enemies or hot spots like the mines. They seem rarer, so while it's okay to experiment with the weapons you find. Focus on your favorite weapons and upgrade them as high as you can.


    Before moving on to a new one, don't try to upgrade too many weapons, as that will slow or hurt your game progress. You should be able to buy Shards flat out at the midway point eventually, so if you find a cool weapon you want to have, you can upgrade it that way without farming. Try to narrow it down to one or two weapons at the beginning of the game.


    Posture Damage is Over Power

    This is a new hidden mechanic that will not be clear to notice as there's no gauge to tell you how much posture damage you're dealing with. There is posture damage. Once it is broken, it puts the enemy in a critical state to either deal a heavy blow or just get some extra hits.


    This posture damage's build-up is caused mainly by three sources: strong attacks, counterattacks, and jump attacks. Parrying an enemy's attack will deal a massive amount of posture damage, immediately breaking the posture of most non-boss enemies. Breaking the posture of an enemy on horseback will make them fall off. Of course, the same applies to you.


    Some of the content is quoted from PWARGaming's video.



    Maybe we can't promise your playthrough smooth, but these Elden Ring tips can come in handy. If you follow all of them closely, you should not be dropping your runes on every corner of the map. 

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