Eso Bugs In the Firesong DLC

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    The most recentdeveloper( ZOS) has given your fix on several from your leads which may have not already been within the most recent DLC in ESO( Elder Scrolls Online) yet.

    While the majority from the Firesong DLC leads have got already been found, there happen to be still a couple of missing leads.

    · Frog Metal Buckle

    · True Way Clay Dial

    · Storm-Weathered Drafting Top

    Designed for facts on all leads, ensure you visit your potential for aspects for Firesong Leads.

    Frog Metal Buckle

    Several folks have found the business enterprise lead for that Frog metal bucket. After doing the Blacksmithing Camcorder Writs, they got it from blacksmith crates. It is incredibly strange, however, that only a single or two players find that since a lot of avid gamers write daily dailies. Either the drop rate is insanely low or it drops for some players only. We will have to see what the developers claim about it.

    The under was uploaded by Gungnire to your ESO community discord. The guy said: "I was doing my dailies the time I made coffee thus I was not there to discover the actual message. But sure, I am thinking it originated in the BS crate too ".


    True Way Clay Dial

    The specific Way Clay Dial lead has not as yet been found plus the developers have confirmed that it may indeed be buggy. You can therefore stop searching for it right up until we react to the devs that it is fixed.

    Storm-Weathered Drafting Top

    Also, the storm-weathered drafting top lead is not identified yet. We also have zero confirmation from ZOS whether that lead is buggy or certainly not. New leads for a brand-new DLC or chapter are generally throughout days, therefore it is very likely that this business lead is also bugged and does not currently drop.


    Date 9. November 2022: ZOS just confirmed the fact the Storm Weathered Drafting Leading is likewise bugged and at the moment dropped.

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