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    Are you looking for a powerful build for this year's Midyear Mayhem PvP event in The Elder Scrolls OnlineCerny Gaming shares with you a PvP Stamina Templar that will work great for both Cyrodiil and Battlegrounds.






    Stamina: 64


    Maximum Magicka: 13021

    Maximum Health: 30702

    Maximum Stamina: 29860


    Magicka Recovery: 767

    Health Recovery: 1020

    Stamina Recovery: 2249


    Spell Damage: 4984

    Spell Critical: 16.4%

    Spell Penetration: 7694


    Weapon Damage: 7816

    Weapon Critical: 36.4%

    Physical Penetration: 7694


    Spell Resistance: 27493

    Critical Resistance: 2869

    Physical Resistance: 24853


    Race: Wood Elf

    Wood Elf brings a lot to the table for most Stamina characters, giving you a nice balance between damage, sustain, and mobility. As a Wood Elf, you get 950 extra Penetration on top of 2K Stamina, which is an excellent addition to your damage output. You also get 5% movement speed and 258 Stamina recovery for your mobility and resource management, along with some extra Disease and Poison Resistance and detection radius.


    Dark Elf and Orc also work well for this build, but neither has the sustain options a Wood Elf does.


    Mundus Stone: The Lover

    The Lover gives extra Penetration, boosting your overall damage output by a lot. 


    You can also run The Warrior for even more Weapon Damage, and it will boost both your damage output and healing power from Resolving Vigor. But The Lover gives the most overall boost to your raw damage.


    Food: Artaeum Takeaway Broth

    Although a little pricy, Artaeum Takeaway Broth is the most versatile option that gives you great stats with extra Health, Stamina, Health Recovery, and Stamina recovery. If it's too expensive for you, you could use the Dubious Camoran Throne, which would work perfectly fine.


    Potion: Essence of Speed

    Essence of Speed gives Major Expedition, Major Brutality, and Stamina along with Major Endurance. It is fantastic for running circles around your opponent and keeping your resources high.


    If you want to run immovable potions for survivability, that's fine. But you'll have to find another source of Major Brutality.

    Gear Setup

    Head: Gaze of Sithis

    Type: Heavy

    Trait: Impenetrable

    Enchantment: Prismatic Defence


    In the head piece slot, you can use Gaze of Sithis, the new Mythic item that came in with Blackwood. This piece does not work with some builds. But high-damage and high-mobility builds such as this one will be powerful with this item. With Gaze of Sithis, you will get a ton of extra Health, Resistances, and Health Recovery at the cost of zero Blocking Mitigation. But don't worry, it's the opponent who will need to worry about Blocking. Your job is to dish out the damage and stay alive through mobility means, such as your speed, environment, dodging, and out-DPSing the enemy.


    Shoulders: Clever Alchemist

    Type: Medium

    Trait: Impenetrable

    Enchantment: Max Stamina


    Chest: Armor of the Trainee

    Type: Heavy

    Trait: Impenetrable

    Enchantment: Prismatic Defence


    Waist: Clever Alchemist

    Type: Medium

    Trait: Impenetrable

    Enchantment: Max Stamina


    Hands: Relequen or Briarheart

    Type: Medium

    Trait: Divines

    Enchantment: Max Stamina


    Legs: Clever Alchemist

    Type: Medium

    Trait: Impenetrable

    Enchantment: Prismatic Defence


    Feet: Clever Alchemist

    Type: Medium

    Trait: Impenetrable

    Enchantment: Max Stamina


    On the body pieces, you are running five Clever Alchemist pieces. Clever Alchemist gives you a huge boost to your Health and one line of Weapon and Spell damage. Whenever you use a potion, you get 675 Weapon and Spell Damage for 20 seconds, which allows you to tear your opponents apart completely.


    You also need one Armor of Trainee piece on the body, and that gives you 1.4K Health, which is slightly bigger than most other Health bonuses, boosting your survivability a little more.


    Necklace: Deadly Strike

    Type: Jewelry

    Trait: Infused

    Enchantment: Weapon Damage


    Ring 1: Deadly Strike

    Type: Jewelry

    Trait: Infused

    Enchantment: Weapon Damage


    Ring 2: Deadly Strike

    Type: Jewelry

    Trait: Infused

    Enchantment: Weapon Damage


    Deadly Strike gives you two lines of Weapon Damage, some crit, and it boosts the power of your Martial damage over time and channeled abilities by 20%. The fifth-piece bonus is a fantastic boost made for Biting Jabs, so you will want to run this for some nasty damage.


    Weapon 1: Deadly Strike

    Type: Mace

    Trait: Nirnhoned

    Enchantment: Flame Damage


    Weapon 2: Deadly Strike

    Type: Mace

    Trait: Nirnhoned

    Enchantment: Poison Damage


    Weapon 1 (Back Bar): Perfected Caustic Arrow

    Type: Bow

    Trait: Infused

    Enchantment: Weapon Damage


    You can use the Perfected Caustic Arrow on the Back bar, which passively gives you a little boost to your damage. But, more importantly, it grants you 330 extra Weapon Damage against opponents affected by your Poison Injection skill, which you use before you close the distance and start bursting them down.


    Skill Setup


    Front Bar 

    Biting Jabs, Toppling Charge, Resolving Vigour, Extended Ritual, Repentance, Dawnbreaker of Smiting


    Biting Jabs is your main spammable, and this is what you will be using to hammer your opponents hard, dealing a great amount of damage. It also gives you Minor Protection, Major Savagery, 10% extra crit damage, and 10% damage against blocking enemies, along with a snare through the Aedric Spear passives and the skill's extra effects. 


    Biting Jabs also deals damage in a large cone and can keep enemies out of Stealth. Therefor, Biting Jabs is a super versatile skill designed to shred your opponents efficiently.


    Toppling Charge is a nice gap closer that stuns enemies. If the opponent can't be stunned, they'll still be interrupted if they're casting, and you also set them off balance. It costs and scales with Magicka, but you don't use it much or use it for the damage.


    Resolving Vigor is an excellent and simple big heal over a short duration. Keep this up as much as possible during combat to maintain your survivability.


    Extended Ritual is essential on this build. It gives you and your allies a massive AoE heal that scales with the max stats. Also, allies in the area can activate the Purify synergy, cleansing all harmful effects from themselves and healing for 1886 Health.


    Repentance gives you a ton of all of your recoveries, allowing for burst heal and Stamina restore when corpses are around. If you choose to run immovable potions instead of potions that give Major Brutality, though, you'll need to slot Hircine's Fortitude here to get the Major Brutality passively.


    Dawnbreaker of Smiting is your main Ultimate skill. It is nice and simple burst damage in a cone in front of you, synergizing with Biting Jabs. It provides an AoE stun and gives you passive extra Weapon Damage and damage to Vampires and Werewolves from the Fighters Guild passives.


    Back Bar

    Power of the Light, Poison Injection, Turn Evil, Restoring Focus, Repentance, Solar Disturbance


    Power of the Light provides a massive burst of damage at the end of its duration, as long as you keep damaging the opponent. If you can apply this before starting your onslaught, then the stacking damage it provides will hit the maximum value.


    Poison Injection works as a ranged Execute and a scaling DoT, and it also procs your Master's Bow damage boost. Therefor, be sure to open combat with this.


    Turn Evil is a flex slot. It provides an AoE fear and gives you extra damage from the Fighters Guild passives. You can also fill this slot with the three skills below for different purposes:

    ·   Bombard for more ranged area control

    ·   Silver Leash to pull your enemy into your currently controlled area

    ·   Focused Aim for a ranged spammable


    Restoring Focus is a must-have because it's your source of Major Resolve and gives you a ton of extra Stamina back every second. Standing within the rune you place on the floor also heals you for a nice extra amount every second.


    You will need Repentance on the Back Bar for the extra passive recovery. If you're running this skill on the front bar and using Major Brutality potions, this becomes a flex slot on the Back Bar. If this is the case, you can use Shuffle for a huge boost to your AoE resistance and immunity to snares and immobilizations.


    Solar Disturbance is a flex slot for your ultimate since you mainly use Dawnbreaker of Smiting. Solar Disturbance leaves Major Maim on enemies in the area for 10 seconds, providing AoE damage and a stun through the synergy. You would use Remembrance for more group heals or use Precognition if you are under a lot of pressure. If you want something more damage-oriented, you could also use Toxic Barrage for a ranged option. 


    This setup aims to make use of Extended Ritual, Turn Evil, and Rune Focus to provide you with an area of survivability, giving you excellent Crowd Control options, tons of healing, and nice passive buffs. When you're ready to go on the offensive, you can use Power of the Light and Poison Injection to start. Then you use Toppling Charge to close the gap, Dawnbreaker of Smiting for nice burst damage, and then focus down the opponent with Biting Jabs. All of these combined equates to a nice burst with Dawnbreaker, Power of the Light, and Jabs all hitting hard in a short space of time, which is difficult to recover from. 



    Champion Point Setup

    Champion Points don't apply in Battlegrounds, but you should still perform amazingly without them.



    Resilience (Slot) – 50  

    Unassailable (Slot) – 50

    Duelist's Rebuff (Slot) – 50

    Biting Aura (Slot) – 50

    Precision – 20

    Tireless Discipline – 20

    Eldritch Insight – 20

    Piercing – 20

    Flawless Ritual – 40 

    War Mage – 30

    Battle Mastery – 40

    Mighty – 30

    Quick Recovery – 20

    Hardy – 20

    Elemental Aegis – 20           


    If you don't have the Champion Points to fill up this section, you can leave out Flawless Ritual and War Mage since they provide minimal boosts to the build.



    Rejuvenation (Slot) – 50

    Ironclad (Slot) – 50

    Boundless Vitality (Slot) – 50

    Slippery (Slot) – 50

    Defiance – 20

    Tumbling – 30

    Mystic Tenacity – 50

    Hero's Vigor – 20

    Sprinter – 20

    Hasty – 16


    That is all you need to know to make a Stamina Templar PvP build. This setup creates a fearsome enemy to overcome with large amounts of damage pressure and great survivability. If you like Cerny Gaming's content, don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe to his channel.


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