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    The Elder Scrolls Online offers some incredible ways to turn your PvP ventures into gold. From converting PvP currencies to gold to earning exclusive items from PvP, there are a lot of options for all different kinds of PvPers. In this guide, Arttea will show you some ways to make a decent amount of gold from PvP in ESO.

    1. Converting Alliance Points into Gold

    Alliance Points (AP) are the universal PvP currency in ESO. You can receive AP by killing players in Cyrodiil/Imperial City, completing Battlegrounds, capturing and defending keeps and resources in Cyrodiil, and completing various PvP-related quests.


    Gear to Buy with Alliance Points

    A handful of merchants sell you AP-exclusive items you can purchase and re-list in your Guild Store for gold. Below are some best sets to buy with AP. Although "Meta" change quite often, these sets have been decent options for a while:


    Deadly Strike

    Cost: 12,000 AP per coffer

    Where to Buy: Gear Coffers from Bruma Town Merchant


    Deadly Strike is a popular set primarily used by Templars in PvE.


    Vicious Death 

    Cost: 20,000 AP per coffer

    Where to Buy: Unidentified Elite Light Armor Gear Coffers from Elite Vendor


    Vicious Death is a staple set for Bomb PvP builds and is used to blow up stacked groups. 


    Blessing of Potentates

    Cost: 12,000 AP per coffer

    Where to Buy: Gear Coffers from Vlastarus Town Merchant


    Blessing of Potentates has started to creep back into the mainstream, and the set can be handy in PvP for Magicka and Stamina-based characters.


    Other Valuable Sets

    The following sets have had niche uses in previous patches:


    •    Elf Bane

    •    Buffer of the Swift

    •    Almalexia's Mercy

    •    Morag Tong

    •    Ravager


    It is recommended to keep up with PvP content creators and lurk in PvP discords to see which Cyrodiil sets people are talking about using every patch.


    ESO PvPers to Check Out:


    •    Deltia's Gaming

    •    Gnozo

    •    MalcolM




    Doing Town Quests for Gear Coffers

    If you're not interested in spending AP, you could also complete town quests to receive gear coffers, which will drop a random set piece that corresponds with the town in question. 


    Remember that when it comes to buying gear coffers in PvP, RNG is a factor. You can't curate your drops to get what you want. For that reason, it is recommended to gamble on gear sets with multiple uses, such as sets used in both PvE and PvP. This way, you can get better chances at drawing a sought-after item.


    Spending AP at the Golden Vendor

    If you don't want to gamble with your AP and want to spend it on something that will guarantee you a lot of gold, then you can purchase valuable gold jewelry from "The Golden" vendor, Adhazabi Aba-daro. She only appears in Cyrodiil on the weekends and has a rotating inventory every week.


    The Golden Vendor can sell gold, unbound Overland jewels, and bound Dungeon jewels. Note that you can not sell bound jewels that belong to dungeon sets. Also, make sure you buy bind-on-equip gear instead of bind-on-pickup so you can trade it to others for gold


    During PvP events, the Golden Vendor will have a special inventory unique to the event, consisting of PvP-specific jewels. Please check out TheRealGodzilla on Youtube for tips on what to pick up at the Golden Vendor every week. 


    However, Golden Vendor doesn't always have things that are worth buying. If you don't want to wait until something good shows up in the vendor's inventory, you can purchase Alliance Spell Draught to sell for gold.


    Buying and Selling Potions

    Alliance Spell Draught provides the same buffs as the valuable Essence of Spell Power potion. However, you might have to list them for slightly less than a crafted Essence of Spell Power potion to get a fast and reliable sale. 

    MmoGah is a digital marketplace where you can buy cheap ESO gold to improve your in-game performance easily.


    2. Converting Tel Var Stones into Gold


    Farming Tel Var Stones in the Imperial City

    Farming Tel Var in the Imperial City is one of the most lucrative endeavors in the game. Tel Var can be earned by killing mobs in the Imperial City and killing players carrying Tel Var on them. Thanks to the Tel Var Stone Modifiers, the more Tel Var you carry, the more Tel Var you'll earn. But beware, if you get killed, you lose half of the Tel Var you're currently carrying.


    You can always queue for a Cyrodiil Campaign to safely exit the Imperial City with your Tel Var. Some people like to go out with small amounts of Tel Var and return to the base when they have something like 5K-10K Tel Var on them. This way, they may safely deposit it into the Bank before heading out for another IC round. In contrast, others like to keep tens of thousands of Tel Var on them as they farm Boss after Boss or player after player, which is very much a case of high risk and high reward. You will want to pick a playstyle that works for you. 


    Buying Waxed Apothecary's Parcels

    A vast majority of Alchemy ingredients are highly sought-after as they're integral to the creation of powerful Potions and Poisons. If you have a smaller sum of Tel Var that you want to convert into gold, buying Waxed Apothecary's Parcel is a great way to do so. You can sell those ingredients as they are or use them to create valuable Potions and Poisons to sell for gold instead.


    Buying Hakeijo

    Hakeijo runes are essential for creating Prismatic Glyphs, which are staples for PvE Tanks and many PvP builds. Like the Waxed Apothecary's Parcels, buying Hakeijo to sell is another solid means to turn small sums of Tel Var into gold reliably. You can even use Hakeijo to craft a Prismatic Glyph and get more bang for your buck.


    Buying Powerful Assault Gear

    If you have a considerable amount of Tel Var that you're looking to convert into gold, gambling on Powerful Assault gear is the way to go. This set is useful in both PvE and PvP, so there's a lot of demand for certain pieces of the set. 


    3. Completing PvP Quests


    There are a plethora of different quests that you can do in Cyrodiil and the Imperial City. Most of these quests reward you with a small sum of AP upon completing the objective at hand, whether that objective is to kill 20 Dragonknights, scout a resource, or win three Battlegrounds. You may as well pick up those quests to earn extra AP while you play, but the following two quests are worth more attention:


    Cyrodill Daily Conquests

    The Cyrodill Daily Conquest is a shareable daily repeatable quest that asks you to complete one of the following objectives:


    •    Capture All Three Towns

    •    CaptureAny Three Keeps

    •    Capture Any Nine Resources

    •    Kill Enemy 40 Players


    Upon completing the objective and turning in your quest, you will receive a Gladiator's Rucksack that contains an Arena Gladiator's Proof. You can only receive the proof once per day. Once you stock up on enough of the proofs, you can use them to purchase some very exclusive and expensive items. 


    If you want to earn gold from this endeavor, using Arena Gladiator's Proofs to purchase Knight of the Circle Style pages is the way to go. Because this is one of the nicest-looking styles, and it isn't easy to earn. 


    Imperial City Quests

    The Imperial City equivalent is the Siege of Cyrodiil Merit – an item that can be earned once per day upon completing district quests. These district quests can be picked up at the spawns of each district and turned in at your Alliance sewer base. A great way to turn these into gold is to purchase the Timbercrow Wanderer Runebox.


    4. Rewards for the Worthy

    For every 20K AP you earn, you receive a Rewards for the Worthy coffer. This coffer can drop various exclusive sets, and a few of those sets are pretty valuable. 


    If your team places first or second in a Battleground, you can also receive Battlemaster Rivyn's Reward Box. A couple of these sets have been known to be valuable from time to time. Below are some valuable PvP reward coffer sets that you should consider selling instead of deconstructing at the moment:


    •    Plaguebreak

    •    Rallying Cry

    •    Dark Convergence

    •    Battalion Defender


    Of course, be sure to price-track your items using your preferred way to do so. If you play on PC, you can consult your favorite trading add-ons or Tamriel Trade Centre


    It is probable that more sought-after sets will be added to the Rewards for the Worthy coffers in the future, much like Nocturnal's Ploy, which is set to release in Update 35. 


    5. Alliance War Tortes


    Last but not least, don't forget about the War Tortes


    The Colovian War Torte is a craftable consumable that grants a 50% Alliance Point boost for 30 minutes. The Molten War Torte and White-Gold War Torte are more powerful versions that grant 100% and 150% experience boosts, respectively.  


    Colovian War Torte

    The Colovian War Torte recipe can spawn at any resource note in Cyrodiil, taking the form of a glowing green book called Lost Imperial Notes. You can learn this recipe for yourself to sell some pies for gold, or you can sell the recipes directly. 


    The Colovian War Torte recipe calls for Cyrodiil Citruses, which can be acquired by completing town quests in Cyrodiil. Furthermore, the Cyrodiil resource nodes have a chance to drop a rare material called Morning Dew, which is required to craft a subsequent War Torte. 


    Molten War Torte

    The Molten War Torte recipe requires a Colovian War Torte recipe and a Chef Arquitius's Torte Dissertation (recipe fragment) to be created. Note that the Chef Arquitius's Torte Dissertation will cost you 500K Tel Var, so make sure your Molten War Torte, Molten War Torte recipe, and the recipe fragments can all be sold for a good amount of gold.


    White-Gold War Torte

    To create the White-Gold War Torte recipe, you must combine the Molten War Torte recipe with Chef Arquitius's Lost Thesis. The Chef Arquitius's Lost Thesis is an incredibly rare drop that only comes from completing the Battlegrounds.


    Selling those War Tortes is a reliable way to make gold. But if you don't want to craft food, selling the recipes, fragments, and ingredients related to those tortes can also put a fair amount of gold in your pocket.


    Those are some good ways you can earn gold while PvP. Please subscribe to Arttea's channel if you find this guide helpful. Please also bookmark MmoGah's ESO news page for more useful guides to gold making in The Elder Scrolls Online.


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