Faithful Chaotic Heretic Build - (Darks Souls 3)

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    Build Overview

    For players seeking even more firepower, this chaotic mage build made by Youtuber xGodsChosenOnex in 2020 may be worth checking out. Combining the use of powerful pyromancies and lightning-based miracles is an excellent two-pronged offensive for spellcasters, as few foes can defend themselves from both types of damage effectively. Backing the spells up with the Demon's Scar (to cast pyromancies as well as for melee attacks) and an infused Great Machete will complete this deadly build.


    PVP Tips

    As is common with hyper-offensive Dark Souls 3 Intelligence builds, dealing with incoming damage can be a concern. This is due to the lack of effort placed into wearing decent armor in order to excel at casting both pyromancies and miracles with high Intelligence and Faith. As such, defensive buffs like Sacred Oath that increase one's damage absorption, as well as grant other boons, can be handy with this build.


    PVE Tips

    With both powerful fire and lightning damage at one's disposal, players using this build should be able to unleash solid damage against almost any kind of foe. There are few enemies in the main game that resist both fire and lighting, so the odds of having a favorable match-up against common threats and bosses alike will be high.



    Soul Level: 150

    Vigor: 35

    Attunement: 30

    Endurance: 32

    Vitality: 15

    Strength: 24

    Dexterity: 16

    Intelligence: 40

    Faith: 40

    Luck: 7


    ² Equipment

    Right hand: 8

    Demon's Scar +5

    Buy Demon's Scar-(MAX UPGRADED)-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Left hand: 16

    Canvas Talisman +10 (and a Great Machete +10)

    Buy Canvas Talisman-(MAX UPGRADED)-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds

    Buy Great Machete-(MAX UPGRADED)-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Head: 6

    Maiden Hood

    Buy Maiden Hood-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Chest: 6

    Maiden Robe

    Buy Maiden Robe-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Arms: 6

    Maiden Gloves

    Buy Maiden Gloves-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Legs: 6

    Maiden Skirt

    Buy Maiden Skirt-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Ring 1: 3

    Great Swamp Ring

    Buy Great Swamp Ring-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Ring 2: 3

    Witch's Ring

    Buy Witch's Ring-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Ring 3: 3

    Ring of the Sun's First Born

    Buy Ring of the Sun's First Born-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Ring 4: 8

    Sage's Ring +2

    Buy Sage Ring +2 -(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


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