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    Want to know about gold in Lost Ark? Smilegate’s new MMO is a free game, which means it’s got its own array of different in-game currencies. Some can primarily be earned through in-game actions, while others are premium currencies that you pay for using real money. Lost Ark gold is somewhere between the two, and we’ve put together this guide to explain everything you need to know.

    Lost Ark gold is mainly used as a currency that is traded between players, but it also feeds into some of the gear upgrading systems present in the game. It’s one of seven currencies that is currently shared between all characters on a player’s account and not tied to a specific Lost Ark server. It’s also a lot rarer than silver, the primary free in-game currency.

    When you’re trading gold between players, there is a tax that you need to pay. This is also the case when buying or selling things on the in-game auction house, which usually comes with a gold cost. Gold can also be used for things like furnishing a player’s private house, or even converting it into premium currency like blue crystals.


    Given how important gold is for upgrading gear in the end game, we imagine you’ll want to know how to get it. The simplest way is to use real money to purchase crystals and exchange them for gold, but assuming you want to avoid that, there are few other things you can try:

    • Merchants – some limited items sold by merchants are sought after on the auction house, so you can buy them and then flip them for a profit

    • Crafting items – as in most MMOs, selling player-crafted items can also be a good source of income

    • Raids and Dungeons – some Chaos Dungeons have secret rooms where you can find gold, and any valuable loot can also be sold in the auction house. Guardian raids will also give you gold the first time you complete them

    • Rapport – building rapport for any NPCs nets you one-off gold rewards of varying amounts

    • Gateway maps – connected to co-op Voyage Missions, completing a gateway map for a gateway comes with gold rewards

    • Adventure islands – these are daily adventures you can embark on. You can get gold relative to your item level, although not all adventure island have gold rewards

    Note that for any plans that involve the auction house or player-to-player trading, you will need an initial gold reserve for listing fees and/or taxes.

    One final – and potentially lucrative – source of gold is Una quests. These daily and weekly quests nets you points which you can then convert into tokens. Save up enough tokens and you can buy items that will net you a variable amount of gold. For example:

    • 80 Una tokens gets you a Gold Pouch, worth at least 200 gold

    • 200 Una tokens gets you a Gold Chest, worth at least 600 gold

    • 500 Una tokens gets you a Gold Casket, worth at least 1,250 gold

    In addition to these, the various tiers all come with a chance to drop light and heavy Gold Plates, and even a Gold Bar, worth even more gold. The Gold Bar can grant you an extra 10,000 gold, if you’re lucky enough to get one drop for you.

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    That’s everything we know about gold in Lost Ark. While gold is crucial to the end game, you’ll need to get there first – check out our guide on how to level up in Lost Ark quickly. Grabbing a Lost Ark Power Pass is also handy for getting more characters up to level 50.


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