How to Level Legerdemain Fast in ESO

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    Stealing is a fun way to get a lot of ESO gold and items. If you like stealing and want to make money through this activity, then ranking up your Legerdemain skill line can be helpful. In this guide, FarmGolds, a professional MMO currency trading platform, shares with you two best ways to level up Legerdemain fast in The Elder Scrolls Online.


    Leveling up and investing skill points into Legerdemain can be beneficial for gold farming in ESO. For example, the ability of Locksmith improves your chances of forcing locks, making your Treasure Chest farming more efficient. Another useful ability is Trafficker because putting Skill Points into Trafficker increases the number of fence interactions you can use each day.


    How to Power Level Legerdemain


    Steal Apples in Belkarth

    Below are the two best recommendations for fast leveling Legerdemain in ESO. The first method to power level your Legerdemain is stealing apples in Belkarth, which is located in Craglorn. Once you get to the Belkarth Wayshrine, head southeast to the shoreline at the lake. 

    How to Level Legerdemain Fast in ESO Belkarth farming spot

    Belkarth Stealing and Selling Spots


    This area is full of baskets, crates, and barrels, and you want to follow the yellow lines in the picture and steal apples and other things as many as possible. 


    Since apples are stackable items, you don't need to worry about inventory management. Another reason for leveling here is the lower risk because there is only one guard and one laborer wandering in this area. Another good thing about stealing at the place is that there is an Outlaws Refuge across the bridge, allowing you to sell or launder your stolen items quickly. 


    Once you have harvested enough goods, go to the Belkarth Outlaws Refuge and sell or launder your stolen goods. You'll want to launder the things you need and sell those you don't want. Each stolen item you sell or launder gives you 1 point for Legerdemain, and the more you sell or launder, the faster Legerdemain levels.


    The main factor limiting your leveling speed is the cap on how many goods you can sell or launder per day. To raise the limit, you need to invest skill points into the Trafficker ability, which increases the number of stolen items you can sell or launder at the Fence every day.


    Items will respawn after a while, but you can make them respawn faster by logging out and logging in to the game.


    Kill Sheep in Khenarthi' Roost

    The second way to level up your Legerdemain fast is killing sheep in Khenarthi' Roost. There are three places where you can find sheep to kill. Mostly, you will get Game and Guts from the sheep, and these items are also stackable.


    Most sheep are in the first place marked in the picture below. Two Farmers always stay here, so you need to watch out for them if you don't want to get a Bounty.

    How to Level Legerdemain Fast in ESO Khenarthi’s Roost farming and fence spots

    Khenarthi's Roost Stealing Spots and Rawl'kha Selling Spot


    The other two areas are much smaller, and only one Farmer stays in each area. There will be another Farmer walking along the path between the two areas, and he remains in each place for a moment, so you should also be aware of this Farmer's existence.


    The best place to sell and launder the goods you get from killing sheep is Rawl'kha. Since the Rawl'kha Outlaws Refuge is quite near to Rawl'kha Wayshrine, people who have a bounty can get into the Refuge quickly without getting caught by guards.


    Teleporting directly to Rawl'kha from the farming spot in Khenarthi's Roost will cost you some gold, but this is still one of the best ways to level up your Legerdemain fast.


    That is how to power level Legerdemain in ESO. If you found this guide helpful, make sure to share it with friends. Please keep checking back for more The Elder Scrolls Online guides and news.

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