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    Cooking in New World is insanely good! Today FarmGolds brings you everything you need to know about cooking in the game. Once you learn how to use it properly, it can be very advantageous for you.

    Cooking Quest Items from Town Quest Board

    As shown below, we've got Recipes from Quests, and these are simply ones that I've picked up from the Town Quest Boards.




    They are things that I need to be able to gather the resources down here to craft. Once I've got those resources, I can craft them. And they will give a very good amount of cooking XP, so it's a really good way to level up my cooking XP.


    Compared to other types, the following types depend on what you're managing to cook, and how many materials they take. Herb Rations are quite easy to get. Exotic Herb Provisions and Condiment Provisions are a lot more difficult to obtain, and that's why they give more XP. And this works the same for your Armour Crafting stations, and Weapon Crafting stations as well when you do get those quests from the Town Quest Board too.


    The Basics of New World Cooking

    You've got basic cooking here, which every player will have unlocked from level one and level two and level zero.




    The Light Ration can be pretty much any raw resource of tier one, and you can use these (as the picture shows) to make a Light Ration.




    Then you've got Travel Ration, which can be made by any tier 2 resource with any tier 1 resource or any tier of any resource. And for Travel Ration, this one gives you 60 health per second for 20 seconds. Afterwards, recover 1% of your health every 2.5 seconds for 20 minutes. Light Ration, this one is only 40 health per second for 20 seconds. Afterwards, recover 1% of your health every 2.5 seconds for 20 minutes. So it's a little better to make the Travel Rations if you can.


    Energizing Light Ration

    Now do not make the mistake that I made where thinking Energizing Light Ration was better. These are simply for stamina or mana regen, rather than just the actual health itself. I made a ton of Energizing Light Rations and Travel Rations at the start of this game and then realized that it's mana regen rates, and I'm playing a melee DPS character, which doesn't use mana, so it was a bit of a mistake. Make sure that you only go for the Travel and Light Rations if you're wanting health. Energizing is for mana only, but if you are a caster, then this is great for you though as well so you can use that there.


    Attribute Boosting Foods

    Once you've got your cooking levelled up to around 21 plus, you will see several different foods. In categories, there are Strength Foods, Dexterity Foods, Intelligence foods, Focused Foods, Constitution Foods and Trade Skill Foods. You've then also got Dyes all down here, which is the different coloured Dyes you can make, and Crafting Components, which can be used to make higher tier food.


    For the Strength Foods, Pork Chops and Apple Sauce need four pork, which are obtainable, and their ingredients are tier one meats, raw meats, and they are derived from boars and pigs. Then you need Cinnamon, an Apple and Cooking Oil. Cinnamon is from Herb Plants. Apple is obviously a Provision Containers material, and this is a tier 5 fruit so this is quite a rare drop to get. The Cooking Oil is from a tier 2 kitchen, and it's an ingredient that you can make up. And you need 2 Fish Oil and 1 Nut per one for Cooking Oil. Also, Pork Chops and Apple Sauce can increase strength by 10 for 25 minutes, and your health slowly recovers while under these effects. So it's a double thing. On the one hand, it gives you slow health regen. On the other hand, it increases your strength stat by 10, which is really nice because that's a huge boost and will increase your outgoing damage by a ton for 25 minutes.


    If you are going to do anything like Expeditions or a particularly hard Story Quest or any Questions, generally you will find it difficult. Make some of these foods or get someone in your company or someone on your server to make these foods or buy them from the market or do whatever you want to do, and these are going to be really useful. Each one does slightly different. The Garlic Steak increases strength by 6, and Dexterity increases strength by 4. Roasted Carrots with Dill increases strength by 6 and intelligence by 4, etcetera. And these have different effects.


    Trade Skill Foods

    Trade Skill foods can be used to increase your Luck. Roasted Potatoes increase your Luck when mining by 1000 points for 20 minutes, and your health slowly recovers while under these effects. Corn is for harvesting. Roasted Carrots are for skinning. Roasted Cabbage is for logging. And then you've got Herb Roasted Potatoes, which are extra 400, so it's 1400 points while mining for 25 minutes, and so on with the Cornbread, the Herb-roasted Carrots, and the Boiled Cabbage. Once you get a higher level, you've got better versions of these. A lot of these will require some sort of Crafting Components or Food Components that you need to craft down here in this section.




    Then add into the recipes up top.


    High Level Foods

    For example, Hearty Meal, recovers 220 health per second for 20 seconds, and then this recovery stops if damage is taken. Afterwards, you recover 1% of your health every 2.5 seconds for 20 minutes. It's going to be a really good health regen food, but that does require 150 levels in cooking. Next, we maybe see some of these other ones which you may be interested in.




    Melon Infusion increases your minimum gear score when crafting Jewelcrafting items by 10. Herb Roasted Squash increases your minimum gear score when crafting Engineering items by 10. When you are actually doing that, you can use one of these foods, which is going to help boost us. Then the Venison Pot Roast increases Focus by 10 for 25 minutes. I haven't learned all of these, but you get these as you increase your cooking level. And it makes the game a ton better because you can get so many stat bonuses, which are really going to help you out in Questing, in PvP, PvE, Dungeons or Expeditions or anything else that you're doing in the game. Gathering, Refining, Crafting everything can be boosted by food in some variety, so get on the cooking as soon as you can, and make sure that you're taking advantage of these stat bonuses hopefully.


    Besides, most of the above content comes from Invin's videos, and if you are interested in these, you can follow his channel. 


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