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    Today, we will go through five of the strongest combinations of New World weapons when it comes to build. Before we dive in, we want you to know FarmGolds has New World Coins for sale. If you need any, we can be your best choice.




    1. Rapier, Bow and Spear

    For Rapier, I'm going to be all about the Grace side, for this is going to be where you have the evade, which can dodge any ability, so if you're in a Gravity Well, you may want to save your evade until they come in with an auto-attack or another ability, then you can evade it, taking no damage.


    For Bow, you're going to need the Evade Shot, Poison Shot, and the Penetrating Shot, which are all going to be very strong. I usually use my Penetrating Shot first, which will stumble the target, and then I use my Poison Shot. The Evade Shot also makes them stumble backward, so it's great against something like the Great Axe, Hatchet, for you're able to dodge backward with the Evade Shot, hit the Great Axe user in mid charge, and actually make them stumble.


    Spear is another one that a lot of people like to use with this combo because the Bow is very strong with the Rapier, but if you're looking for that 1v1 damage, the Rapier is not always going to be the best option, so here comes the Spear. Let's see what Spear abilities you should be looking into. So, we have Javelin, which is going to make them get knocked down, and Sweep, which is going to sweep them off their legs. We also have Vault Kick; don’t use it on a target that has full stamina because you can get countered by a rapier riposte or even worse. So make sure to use your Spear abilities wisely; they are going to be a very strong combo.




    2. Great Axe – War Hammer

    Let’s take a look at the abilities I'm currently running. Path of Destiny is going to be almost a must for everyone, and then we also have Shockwave. So if you're running in the open world and want to do CC, these are the two abilities you're always going to take. Another decent ability to take is Clear Out, which can knock out Life Staff users, or if you're in war, it's going to be able to knock people or tanks out of the point, which is going to be very strong. But we also have an ultimate ability called Aftershock, so whenever a target is affected by crowd control effects, it is slowed by 20% for 4 seconds. That is quite a long time, which is going to be a very strong ability to continue that kind of CC. So, first use Clear Out, then Shockwave on them and get a heavy attack on the back of them; you maybe use Path of Destiny before all of that to actually waste all of their stamina, so it's a great build for heavy CC.

    3. Ice Gauntlet

    The Ice Gauntlet is obviously one of the strongest due to the most CC to single targets in the game. All you have to do is throw up your ice storm and throw in auto attacks, and then you can CC anything in there constantly.


    For combos, you can go with the Fire Staff. Fire Staff is a great option with the Ice Gauntlet, as you can actually do so much damage and so much CC. I would go Pillar of Fire, into a fireball, and then into a Burnout and a Rune of Helios as the ultimate ability, which places a 2 meter Rune on the ground, increasing your spell damage by 30% while standing in the Rune. This lasts for 7 seconds and a 30-second cooldown.


    You have Burnout, which is another strong ability for distance mobility but also does a lot of AoE damage if you dive into the pile. Be careful as you can get stopped by a Sword and Shield user that just has their shield up. We also have Pillar of Fire, which is a great one to use. But when you are aiming uphill, it is hard to actually aim.


    4. Life Staff

    Typically, the Life Staff with either the Hatchet or the Ice Gauntlet, or even Sword and Shield, is going to be one of the strongest combos.


    If we go into the Life Staff, take Sacred Ground, and take either Divine Embrace or Beacon. There are a lot of people that kind of switch it up between Divine Embrace and Orb of Protection, or even Splash of Light. But I always see Sacred Ground and Beacon users for the most part because of how strong these abilities are.


    Now next, let's bring out the Sword and Shield. You can take Shield Rush Shield Bash and Defiant Stance. You're never really going to die as you could sit there in your circle of health with going full heavy armor.


    For Ice Gauntlet, you can try to use your abilities right, such as ice frost, to get rid of the ice on top of you. If that doesn’t work, you can go with Ice Tomb to get all of your mana back because you run out of mana on Life Staff occasionally, so you can then pop it, and it does do a little CC if they are right on top of your ice block. But then you have Ice Shower. Through this, you can just sit there but have the ability to heal allies across the map. So Ice Gauntlet, obviously with Life Staff, will be another one that I see as a top-tier combination of items.


    Another one I see for early game and leveling is definitely going to be with Hatchet. That's because Hatchet does so much damage. So if you're looking to be a solo healer in this game, I typically see Life Staff and Hatchet combined together. This will be more of a PvE build, but it's also very strong in PvP because you have the undying perk, and you're not dead due to a 75-second cooldown on that and a 3-second timer, so you should be able to heal up. You also have berserk, by which you will be able to run so fast away or towards a fight that you may need to get to. There are a lot of benefits of the Life Staff and Hatchet build, but those are just a few.

    5. Great Axe - Hatchet

    The first one is one of those most obvious combinations of weapons in the game - Great Axe and Hatchet. The damage and lunge on Great Axe are unbelievable.


    So go to the Weapon Mastery and take a look at Great Axe. We have Reap that will actually extend your Axe 5 meters pulling foes to you and dealing 110% weapon damage, which is unbelievable. We also have Charge, which is going to give you an insane distance to catch up. And next, we have Gravity Well, which can give us a feeling of helplessness, and it is definitely one of the strongest abilities in the game right now. And that takes us to the ultimate ability, Blood Lust. It can make you move 30% faster and increase 15% more damage when you're looking at a foe within 15 meters, so that's going to be insanely strong.


    For Hatchet, we have Berserk. It is going to make you insanely fast. And you're going to want Defy Death as well. It grants you the capability to avoid death upon receiving lethal damage. We also will take Feral Rush, for it is one of those attacks that do insane damage if you can actually hit it. It is going to be hard to hit the hatchet ability sometimes, as they will not be CC without the help of your Great Axe. Hatchet doesn't actually have any CC; it just has insane mobility and damage. And you can take Raging Torrent, but I usually skip out on it and go for an Axe throw. It's up to you as these are the two main abilities you can actually take whatever third ability you think sounds the best; it's really not a big deal.


    The content above comes from one of Graphic’s videos. If you like it, subscribe to his channel for more New World guides. If you want to buy New World Coins, don’t forget to grab some since you are already here, at the end of the article.



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