Path of Exile Beginner's Guide to Class Builds

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    For nearly a decade, Path of Exile has been one of the benchmarks for free-to-play RPG titles. Since it came out, PoE managed to attain a cult following among the role-playing public and create a wider ecosystem that is both huge and fascinating. That ecosystem includes a range of aspects, which are often daunting for new players. That is why there is much information on the same game and how beginners should approach it. These sources cover everything from in-game trading and crafting and go all the way to sources of information on achieving things like the best Path of Exile builds. Because of that, there are a number of Path of Exile guide listings as well, some good, others not so much. However, combined, these sources on PoE builds end up confusing new players even further. All of them try to explain the principles behind the PoE class builds but regularly underestimate how extensive and convoluted that information might be. To help with that confusion, here is a PoE best classes for beginners overview and the most simple and straightforward Path of Exile guide for anyone just starting in the game.


    PoE Builds Basics

    Path of Exile offers a huge number of alternatives when it comes to its classes. Like any great RPG title, it places a big focus on that domain, and for novel players, the decision of which to choose is regularly unclear. Other aspects of the game, like the need for in-game resources and currencies, are much simpler. That is also why so many beginner players and those who have been enjoying Path of Exile for some time chose to get boosting services to help in that regard. With a trusted and experienced provider of PoE boosting services like farmgolds.com, anyone can get a big helping hand in that domain. With the PoE currency service, any player can resolve their in-game currency issue in no time at all. However, PoE builds, and classes are a different matter. But, that too has many excellent solutions, including the most optimal PoE class builds for beginners. The parameters and criteria for these great builds are not just their ability to deal damage but also to provide other benefits to the players as well.


    PoE Beginner Builds basic



    The Slayer class is a PoE build basis for those who are all about spilling as much blood as possible. In the frenzy of combat, Slayer is the bloody epicenter, no matter the size of the fight. One of the main benefits of this class is his ability to take on numerous enemies at the same time. To help with that is the Slayer Leech ability, which allows the class to recover health on account of the nearby enemies. An additional bonus is the Slayer Cull, a skill that allows this character to immediately kill any enemy with 20 percent HP or less. That alone is one of the key reasons this build must be on this PoE best classes for beginners list.



    This class represents a character that is a complete master of all basic elements. Elementalist is the top choice for Path of Exile builds that focus on Ignite, but at the same time, she has a solid base for all other element-based approaches. The same class excels in a very high build variety and the signature ability to build an army of Golems. With them at the side of the Elementalist, players who chose this class have one of the best Path of Exile builds at their disposal.


    PoE Beginner Builds Elementalist



    One of the key reasons why the Berserker class is such a popular choice for Path of Exile builds is the fact that it is simple to play and understand for all beginners. In its essence, it is all about dealing maximum damage before subscribing to the onslaught of enemies. Aspects of Carnage is the ability that embodies this notion - it deals a big damage boost for the price of taking on an additional 10 percent of damage itself. Berserker class also offers, like the Elementalists several different setups to play around with and all of them work great with a Rage synergy. Furthermore, the Rage skill can be scaled as well, which offers additional damage boosts.


    PoE Beginner Builds Berserker



    The Inquisitor class is in many Path of Exile builds lists because of its focus on health. It offers a regeneration mechanic that is unique and functional, which allows it to be a rare class that can get to true immortality. These regenerative options build upon the Consecrated Ground skill, which makes the class a perfect tank option for PoE builds. When the ability to completely circumvent all enemy resistance is added to the mix, it is clear that the Inquisitor offers both health and damage in the same package.


    PoE Beginner Builds Inquisitor



    For those who wish to focus their PoE class builds on using Chaos and Cold spells, the Occultist is the go-to choice in every meaningful way. She is also a character that has exclusive access to one of the most powerful clearing options in the game, which is the Profane Bloom. The class is also extremely versatile when it comes to more specialized class build choices, which makes it a great alternative in any PoE best classes for beginners guides. Lastly, the Curse options at the Occultist's disposal only sweeten the deal.


    PoE Class Builds Essentials

    All of the mentioned choices are a great alternative for anyone just starting out with PoE builds. However, there is no magic bullet with any of these choices. Each of these can become the player's personal example for a PoE best classes for beginners guide of their own with enough time and effort. In any case, a welcomed help can come from farmgolds.com and their currency boosting options that can easily resolve any in-game economy issue for beginners. With that on their side, players can set out on their PoE adventure and find their best Path of Exile builds!


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