Path of Exile Builds 3.18 Sentinel: Top 3 Builds for Gauntlet

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    Dear exiles, today, the professional PoE Shop mmogah.com will share the top 3 Gauntlet builds for 3.18 Sentinel with you.


    Top 3 Builds for Gauntlet


    What Is Gauntlet?

    ● “Gauntlet” is an event hosted by Zizaran in every league in SSF HC that challenges players to defeat all of the bosses as fast as possible.

    ● The campaign is now easier with difficulty scaling based on the area level of the zone.





    Act 1-5

    20% less damage taken

    10% increased attack, cast, move speed

    20% increased damage

    1 additional projectile


    Act 6-10

    20% less damage taken

    15% increased attack, cast, move speed

    10% increased AoE

    1 additional projectile


    White Maps (area level 68+)

    30% less damage taken

    20% increased attack, cast, move speed

    30% increased damage

    20% increased AoE

    2 additional projectile


    Yellow Maps (area level 73+)

    30% less damage taken

    20% increased attack, cast, move speed

    35% increased damage

    30% increased AoE

    2 additional projectile


    Red Maps (area level 78+)

    30% less damage taken

    20% increased attack, cast, move speed

    40% increased damage

    30% increased AoE

    2 additional projectile


    Uber Bosses (Area level 85+)

    35% less damage taken

    20% increased attack, cast, move speed

    40% increased damage

    30% increased AoE

    2 additional projectile





    1. Seismic Saboteur

    ● The build will win Gauntlet.

    ● It can be played as Poison to take advantage of low gear requirements and absurd base damage.

    ● Tanky with Ghost Shrouds, Saboteur Blind Node (15% DR), 30K+ Armour/Evasion.

    ● There are no RNG aspects for gearing besides Deerstalker and Coated Shrapnel (not required).

    ● This build has great Damage Uptime due to how Poison Functions.

    ● Seismic is just plain OP due to overlaps, Duration Scaling, and Malevolence Lifetap Tech.

    ● This build’s boss Damage is better than DD Necromancer, allowing you to rush bosses faster.


    2. Detonate Dead Necromancer

    ● This is the fastest build to progress through maps due to how DD Scales.

    ● It takes advantage of Bugged Spectres (Auric Colossus) for DPS Scaling.

    ● Tanky due to Max Block/Spell Block, 20-30k Armour/Evasion, 90 Max Res (with Melding), and high Hybrid HP/ES Pool.

    ● Gearing Process is straightforward unless you want to farm for Melding.

    ● Prioritizes Ailment Effect to scale Shock, Chill, and Scorch.

    ● Good Damage Uptime due to ignite.

    ● Boss Damage is underwhelming and may run into problems on Uber Boss Fights where the arena is messed up.


    3. Spectral Helix/Lightning Strike Champion

    ● RNG Build due to how the entire build revolves around Omniscience and Perseverance.

    ● This build is extremely Tanky because of Fortify, 70-100K Armour/Evasion, 90 Res (with Melding), and Elusive Effect.

    ● Recovery with Life Gain on Hit and Banner Placing (Inspirational).

    ● It requires playing Spectral Helix (Impale or Trinity Claw) for leveling and gearing.

    ● Map Clear is incredibly fast when swap to LS is completed.

    ● This is the strongest build when fully geared, but gearing will take too long to compete for 1st place, barring a miracle.



    Final Thoughts

    ● These builds are the exact same as last time, but the easier difficulty combined with Atlas Blocking for Harvest will result in a very fast clear as long as Ben and Imexile do not die.

    ● Farming Melding, Omni, or Ashes is doable but not reliable and too time-consuming.

    ● Practice will be near 1:1 this time, resulting in players being confident about boss fights and progression.

    ● Explosive Arrow was the most popular build last time, so it will be interesting to see if people will still play it.



    Here is the ending of these builds collection for Gauntlet. Welcome to farmgolds.com to view more useful PoE Builds. By the way, the 3.19 expansion is more likely to launch on August 19th PDT. Please stay tuned to us for the detail.


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