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    When it comes to the Dark Souls trilogy, Dark Souls II is literally the awkward middle child of the family. It's definitely a more refined game compared to the series' initial outing, but it's often thought of as the franchise's weakest entry. That said, it's still a wonderful game that ticks all of the essential boxes for a Dark Souls experience, from the iconic and epic boss battles to the generous selection of unique weaponry to master.

    The latter is what brings GameRant here today. Dark Souls II definitely beefed up the armory when compared to its predecessor, so much so that choosing a weapon to focus on can be a daunting task. The fact that most of them can be made viable through a combination of skills and the right build simply compounds the issue, but some of them still stand out as outrageously powerful. If one wants the quick and dirty on what those weapons are, scroll down and check out the strongest weapons to be found in Drangleic.

    There is a weapon for every playstyle and a playstyle for every Bearer of the Curse. The tremendous arsenal that one can accumulate through their travels in Dark Souls II is staggering, though not as much as some of the most impressive implements of destruction that can be potentially wielded for more than satisfying combat results. Great weapons, in more than just name, proliferate Drangleic; although which ones can become the most powerful depends on the hands that harness them.



    8/15Fume Ultra Greatsword


    This hulking two- hander possibly looks intimidating, forged from the weaponsmith Ornifex from one's heart from the Fume Knight Boss within the Crown of Old Iron King DLC. The stat requirements to wield could possibly be a little brutal, necessitating substantial investment both in toughness and dexterity. It 's almost distinctive to quality builds.


    This problem is ridiculously heavy, weighing for at twenty-- eight products, as well as high record necessities. Those who can care for to include it of their build might find an immense settlement with regards to damage. Its base deterioration is fantastic also it gives an S rating for toughness scaling.




    For many reasons, the easy Greatsword is a well-liked option . It appears to be's good, it appears to be radical, and it can be extremely an easy task to get and upgrade. It ought to be significantly less than surprising to identify a person carrying one, if certainly not two, of those massive knives.


    This is just an bordering durable weapon for strength plots with a dependable moveset and great scaling. The style of the weapon itself is another nod to Guts signature gun from the most popular dark illusion manga Berserk.


    10/15Curved Dragon Greatsword


    In Dark Souls 2, Curved Greatswords certainly are a area of interest offering. You can find few to select from , which makes them a unique sight. One of the better offerings among this class has as the Curved Dragon Greatsword, sufficient reason for valid reason supports it 's an incredibly strong system.


    The core moveset lacks the reach that many players will expect from the weapon of size. However, the 2- handed heavy attack is a lengthy- ranged special attack similar to the Drake sword from Dark Spirits. It can be a distressing surprise for PVP oppositions


    image.png11/15Dragon Tooth


    Dragon Tooth, probably one of the most iconic weapons present in the series, is feared simply by all players for the significant injury to health, stamina and poise. It 's slower, although it has an unquestionable influence in order to hits. It offers huge base damage and may be easily upgraded to improve it much more.


    When upgraded, this behemoth also gets considerably better strength scaling, rendering it one of the best hammers with damage final result. It 's auxiliary ramifications of better fire and magic defense produce it even more appealing for players.


    12/15Red Iron Twinblade


    This original tool to get adversaries asunder may be chosen up from the corpse ornamented from the annoying Maidens in the Shrine in Amana. Twinblades are a very good weapon design which has novel utilization during they are fast, bananas looking and challenging to countertop for most builds.


    The Red Iron Twinblades be noticeable through that it is the simply the one that scales with durability exclusively, rendering it your great approach to beefy creates searching for faster alternatives. It will higher poise damage when comparing to almost every other twinblades and allows the ball player to stagger and stunlock foes into submission additional easily.


    image.png13/15Drakekeeper's Greataxe


    The Drakekeeper 's Greataxe can't be acquired right until very late within the gaming, putting it at an increased risk present in New Game+ playthroughs. It is at a chest inside the Dragon Shrine and could be the ideal weapon for various builds inside the endgame. This is an extremely versatile equipment with good base damage, for a bit longer reach than other greataxes and relatively light- weight.


    The best thing about this is the fact that. Rather than having the typical attacks of any greataxe, this cleaving champion has basically the Blacksword moveset in the Crypt. The sole difference is the fact its two- handed mix emulates those of an excellent hammer. These versatile wielding moves allow anyone to decimate universal enemies and confound invaders ample to catch them off protect.


    image.png14/15Demon's Great Hammer


    Wonderful hammers are notable for appearing able to carefully turn foes in pancakes with an individual over head swing. The fantastic hammer in the demon is 1 most of these armament that may be identified very in early stages. Within yourItems Betwixt, players can trade specific items with Dyna Tillo, the invisible bird beings within your conspicuous nest on around the corner.


    If the gamer gives these individuals several items they could receive this massive mace which often has one of the most base damage stats amongst people . This causes it to be the very best starting weapon for all those trying to crush enemies right from the gateway. At lower levels, because hi-strength requirement, one is not able to utilize it inside a hand. However, getting effective at hitting almost each and every common early game enemy might create this not matter greatly.

    image.png15/15Sanctum Repeating Crossbow


    The overall gameSanctum Repeating Crossbow, that could be dropped through the dankest from the DS2 DLCs through Sanctuary Knights, launches three this kind of minute projectiles with each harm, resulting in higher cumulative deterioration than any crossbow for the overall game if all 3 bolts hit their target. If perhaps the player is armed with two hands, the alternate flame mode can be unleashed, which will rather than bolts launches modest dark orbs. This can be useful against high physical defenses.


    The developers at FromSoftware seem in deep love with such weapons as there are actually multiple iterations of repeating crossbows through the Dark Souls team. This might be because of the developer team being enormous fans of Berserk as well as the protagonist 's using a variable rate rate mortgage mounted repeating crossbow.


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