The 5 Best Builds of the Sentinel Season in Path of Exile

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    Path of Exile: The Sentinel season is going strong, and stay on top of the season; you need proper builds and guides to propel your progression. This article has compiled 5 of the best builds for this season. Each of these builds is awesome and fun to play with lots of explosions and melting through mobs and bosses. You will find each aspect of the build explained concerning each vital part for you to follow. Feel free to visit this link for more information on PoE and other similar and great articles.


    poe 3.18 best 5 builds


    1. Skeleton Mage

    Class – Witch

    Ascendancy – Necromancer

    Starter Viable – Yes

    Difficulty – Super Easy

    Beginner Friendly – Yes



    Clear White Maps – 4 Links with the cheap gear, you will need 56 chaos orbs, but with equipment, you will need to farm 100 chaos orbs and 5 Links.

    Complete Atlas – You will need good gear to finish the Atlas and 6 Links plus around 4 Exalted orbs efficiently.


    Required Gear

    First, you will need necromancer silks called the Flesh Crafter as it is a minion-specific piece. Your minions will convert maximum life to energy, reduce damage by chaos damage, have faster energy recharge, and ignore enemy shields as long as they have energy shields.


    The next item you should farm for is the dead reckoning, helping minions gain elemental resistance and summoning up to 15 skeletal mages.


    The 3rd item on this list is the Alberon’s Warpath, the soldier boots adding chaos damage to attacks, movement speeds, and other addition to your stats.


    Pros of Skeleton Mage Build

    • Cheap to build

    • Awesome drove of minions

    • Insane boss damage

    • Minions protect so safer build making you survive longer

    • Starter viable, so easy leveling with minion-centric build


    Cons of Skeleton Mage Build

    • Summoning skeletons is required after every CD

    • For the end game, you need two unset rings

    • Three mandatory unique items as mentioned above

    • We need to swap gems for uber bosses

    • No leach capability


    Skill Levelling

    Starting, use the Fireball skill to level up to 4 quickly; after that, until you reach level 49, Summon Raging Spirit will be your bread and butter. As soon as you hit level 50, you will ease into your Summon Skeletons to fully utilize this build.



    One of the most fun builds is if you keep summoning, your clear speeds are very fast, and casting puts you stationary for a second, and sometimes it can be deadly. This build also allows the minions to ignore boss damage, which we will explain in a bit dealing massive damage to them.


    With this build, you move around a lot and need only to worry about your positioning, as most of the time, your minions will be your meat shield beginner-friendly as soon as you learn the dance of this build.



    • 2. Lightning Arrow

    Class – Ranger

    Ascendancy – Raider

    Starter Viable – Yes

    Difficulty – Not so easy

    Beginner Friendly – Yes



    Clear White Maps – 4 Links with the cheap gear, you will need 30 chaos orbs lesser than Skeleton Mage to build, and similarly, with the mid-tier equipment, you will need to farm 120 chaos orbs and 5 Links.

    Complete Atlas – You will need good gear to finish the Atlas and 6 Links plus around 5 Exalted orbs efficiently.


    Required Gear

    The first unique item for the Lightning Arrow build is the Bow, mainly because it gives two extra arrows. The Death Bow for this build is called Death’s Opus, giving you increased Crit Chance, DMG, and AS. You should go for Chin Sol Assassin Bow for the bosses as it deals a lot of damage to enemies in proximity.


    Pros for Lightning Arrow Build

    • Great clear speed of the maps

    • Ranged gameplay is always safe and more fun like a sniper on steroids

    • Significant boss damage when needed

    • Easy to build and great at leveling


    Cons for Lightning Arrow Build

    • Inpulsa’s Broken Heart is a must for faster clear speeds

    • Close proximity is a must to kill bosses

    • Some might not have that much fun leveling the Bow


    Skill Leveling

    Split Arrow Skill is your friend until your level 70; you will primarily use it to kill most enemies. After level 70, you will finally start using the Lightning Arrow Skill for the end game.



    It's incredible fun clearing mobs as the arrows chain lightning causing multiple explosions. For the bosses, Chin Sol and Galvanic Arrow Skill deal good damage to not take long to kill them.


    One of the caveats of this build is proximity to the bosses to deal damage, which often leaves your ranger in danger during boss fights. The gear provides sufficient survivability by that providing you with enough defenses.


    5 bd


    • 3. Lightning Strike

    Class – Duelist

    Ascendancy – Champion

    Starter Viable – Yes

    Difficulty – Not so easy

    Beginner Friendly – Yes



    Clear White Maps – 4 Links with the cheap gear; you will need 65 chaos orbs for this build, but with equipment, you will need to farm 120 chaos orbs and 5 Links.

    Complete Atlas – You will need good gear to quickly finish the Atlas and 6 Links plus around 4 Exalted orbs.


    Required Gear

    Perseverance Vanguard Belt is the first mandatory unique you will need for this build. The Belt gives enhanced DMG based on armor and evasion, which it already gives plenty of and enhanced fortify due to stuns.


    Next is the Yoke of Suffering Onyx Amulet, which adds lots of stats and elemental resistances plus the chance to shock and enemies taking increased damage from ailments.


    Pros for Lightning Strike Build

    • A very cheap build

    • More explosions mean more fun in clearning the maps

    • High DMG to bosses

    • You get the unlimited time of Fortify from the gear

    • A very tanky and evasive build increasing DMG


    Cons for Lightning Strike Build

    • It might deter some players as leveling at the beginning takes time

    • Farming for the right amount of attributes might take a long time

    • The unique weapon for this build doesn't fall into the budget category

    • Need swapping gem for uber bosses


    Skill Levelling

    From levels 1-12, you will primarily use the Splitting Steel Skill for most of the damage and killing. From then on up till level 78, you will add Spectral Helix Skill to the mix, and after 78, Lightening Strike Skill is your ultimate bread and butter for the end game.



    The clear speed is quite good because of fast AS and exploding enemies, which send out more projectiles to damage other enemies. This comes especially handy when fighting bosses, as shock allows the chance of yoke to deal more damage to them.


    As mentioned in the gear section, Fortify helps Duelist Champion to survive longer.



    • 4. One-Punch Man

    Class – Marauder

    Ascendancy – Berserker

    Starter Viable – Yes

    Difficulty – Not so easy

    Beginner Friendly – Yes



    Complete Atlas – As this build doesn’t have a budget version, you’ll need 4 Exalted Orbs to finish the Atlas.


    Required Gear

    The first unique item that is mandatory for the One Punch Man build is none other than Facebreaker Strapped Gloves. What else would you think it would be? The gloves allow your Berserker to get up close and personal, dealing 800% DMG to the enemies with their fists. It also increases the stats and global Crit Chance.


    Regwald’s Curse WereClaw Talisman is the next critical mandatory gear for this build as it allows all the Claw nodes to be treated as Unarmed nodes. This gear will further add massive damage to this build. Furthermore, it grants Global Crit Chance, and all other stats like AS you would get from Claws are converted into for the build with unarmed.


    The next essential gear is Abyssus Ezomyte Burgonet which grants a huge damage boost to the build. The helmet will add Physical DMG, Stats, and melee Crit Chance multiplier, increasing defenses for this build.


    Pros for One Punch Man Build

    • This build is enjoyable and one of the most unique builds in the game

    • Incredible clear speeds and extraordinary boss damage with over 200k effective HP

    • Over 90% Physical DMG reduction and evasion

    • Increased block attacks and suppress spells


    Cons for One Punch Man Build

    • Unfortunately, this build needs Abyssus to become tremendous and viable

    • It also needs six linked armor to function properly

    • Probably the highest number of Unique gear for this build

    • Rings require to include added Physical DMG on them


    Skill Levelling

    From levels 1-33, you'll use Ground Slam to stun a big mob, and later, levels 22-76 focus on building Cyclone for more AoE. Finally, for the end game, you will primarily use Infernal Blow after level 76.



    Just like One Punch Man, let the mobs explode with your mighty punch making this build as heroic as it is fun. Fast, explosive, fun, what's not to love in this build.


    Mobs aren't that won't live their tale another day as this build can kill uber bosses within seconds. However, this build does require a significant amount of rage to allow usage of Berserk ability.


    Even after using Abyssus for high DMG, there is room enough for a whopping 200k health bar with really high amounts of evasion, Physical DMG reduction, and chance to block enemies' attacks. Finally, it has the suppression of spells, adding another layer to the defenses of our Monk.



    • 5. Flicker Strike

    Class – Ranger

    Ascendancy – Raider

    Starter Viable – No

    Difficulty – Not so easy

    Beginner Friendly – Yes



    Complete Atlas – Just like the One Punch Man Build, this build is a melee build and doesn't have a budget version; you'll need 7 Exalted Orbs to finish the Atlas.


    Required Gear

    The first mandatory unique is Farrul’s Fur Triumphant Lamellar which will keep your frenzy up longer for making this build viable. The aspect of the cat reserves no mana for this gear, and you can get the maximum number of frenzy with this gear. This gear also gives you phasing when you have the cat's stealth active.


    The next time is the Yoke of Suffering Onyx Amulet, which converts all the damage to shock and allows to deal more damage. The more ailments an enemy has, the more damage they will receive.


    This build also uses Perseverance Vanguard Belt. The Belt gives enhanced DMG based on armor and evasion, which it already gives plenty of and enhanced fortify due to stuns. The reason behind this is that the build grants permanent onslaught plus 1% increased DMG for every 200 of armor or evasion, whichever is the lower number.


    Pros for Flicker Strike Build

    • Like all other builds in this list, this build is super fast and fun to play due to explosions.

    • Good DMG against bosses

    • This build also provides you with over 200k effective health

    • Immunity to stun with the help of this build

    • Flicker Strike build has a 100% Spell Suppress chance and avoids elemental ailments.

    • Unlike other builds, this one has excellent Life and Mana leach.


    Cons for Flicker Strike Build

    • This build isn't cheap, so be aware you will need to farm a lot of exalted stones to complete it

    • A lot of unique mandatory items

    • It will also need a high amount of attributes, and its hard to get.


    Skills Levelling

    From the beginning of the season until near the end game, you will primarily use Frost Blades Skill to deal most of the damage. In the end game, Flicker Strike Skill is the staple skill for this build.



    This build has one of the highest speeds of clearing and moving around in this game, allowing you to decimate mobs in seconds. This build also gives a lot of elemental penetration and, with shock damage, adds more damage to kill bosses. The berserk also adds a massive boost of damage to this build.


    The amount of armor, evasion, suppress damage, and block damage gives this build a lot of survivability.




    Learning any build isn't hard in most games and is valid for Path of Exile; mastering the build and routine is hard. Enjoy each build by learning essentials from this list and read more if you want to know how to farm currency easily.


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