The Best 10 Boss Weapons in Dark Souls 1

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     The bosses who rule the world are one of the Dark Souls franchise 's most recognizable elements. Each boss challenges players with a lethal arsenal of moves and has an unexpected amount of knowledge. Players will lose their souls, which can be used to create boss weapons, if they are successful in defeating the boss.


    In the first Dark Soulsis, creating boss weapons was much more difficult than it would be in later games. Before a base weapon can be climbed at the Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo, players must upgrade it to some level. Some of these weapons are unstoppable, which is what they should be . Sadly, skipping just as many weapons is worthwhile. Thetop five boss weapons from the first Dark Souls games are listed below.


    There are numerous bosses in Dark Souls that can be defeated by players. Players receive a Boss Soul and the customary group of Souls as rewards for leveling up and purchasing equipment. Players can level up these Boss Souls and unlock some incredibly potent weapons, even though they can be consumed. Unfortunately, not every weapon in Boss Souls is as effective as others, so this list will examine the best ones available to players.



    1/10Chaos Blade


    The Chaos Blade can be constructed using the Soul of Quelaag rather than the Furysword, if players would rather wield a katana than an curved sword. The Chaos Blade 's high level of damage production makes it a better choice .


    With a B scaling in dexterity when upgraded, each swing from this katana causes 216 physical damage. Additionally, the blade scales off a player 's humanity, causing more harm until they reach ten humanities. Players can cause 450 damage per strike with 40 dexterity and 10 Humanity. The passive bleed status effect of the weapon further enhances this. The Chaos Blade is among the best boss weapons a player can create in Dark Souls, thanks to its excellent moveset and extensive range. This blade causes 20 HP of damage to its wielder with each strike, so make sure to have a healing method on hand.



    2/10Lifehunt Scythe




    Players can create the deadly Lifehunt Scythe by ascending a+ 10 halberd or whip with the Soul of Priscilla. The fact that this weapon causes extremely powerful bleedings in both its wielder and enemies makes it special. Although this drawback might discourage some players from using it, it was probably implemented to counteract the weapon 's excessively potent bleed status effects.


    An enemy will lose 50% of their health pool with just one bleed status effect. Use a Bloodbite Ring and any bleed- resistant armor to make this weapon less difficult to use, as this also applies to the player in the event that they experience the bleeding effect. Although the bleeds in the Lifehunt Scythe deal are so strong that, if players use it properly, it outperforms the Great ScYthe in terms of raw damage per swing, they may not be as severe.



    3/10Quelaag's Furysword


    One of the best moves a player can make is to climb Quelaag 's Furysword with curved swords. This blade deals a tremendous amount of fire damage per hit and has an incredible attack speed. At +5, anticipate 90 physical and 255 fire damage per swing from this blade.


    Ten Humanity on hand will cause more damage because this weapon belongs to the Chaos archetype. This weapon is a true powerhouse for PvE and against the majority of hostile players in Dark Souls because most enemies are prone to fire.



    4/10Dragonslayer Spear



    The Dragonslayer Spear is available to almost every build in Dark Souls. This spear is arguably one of the best in the game and can be obtained by ascending a+ 10 spear using the Soul of Ornstein.



    5/10Moonlight Butterfly Horn


    TheMoonlight Butterfly Horn is a fantastic Spear that can be infused into up to ten spears, making it possibly the most underappreciated boss weapon in the first Dark Souls. The fact that this weapon only causes magic damage makes it special. This weapon has an attack rating of 180 and an intelligence scale of B at +5.


    PvP benefits greatly from using its pokes to press opponents. Regarding PvE, it works incredibly well with close- range spells like Dark Bead. This spear is unquestionably a great option for intelligence builds, especially given how early players can get their hands on it.



    6/10Manus Catalyst


    The Manus Catalyst initially appears to be nothing more than a generic tool for casting strong spells. The majority of players will be intrigued by this weapon 's twist, though.


    The weapon boasts an extremely high Physical Attack for a catalyst. This weapon is so unusual that using it almost makes you feel like you are using a greataxe!



    7/10Abyss Greatsword



    It only makes sense that this greatsword has the highest Attack Rating out of all the others in the game given the way Artorias used it. Additionally, using Artorias 'incredible sword is a lot of fun , and the novelty of it does not fade either.


    Having said that , this weapon requires a lot of stature to be used . Players should be twice as confident in their decision to use this sword in order to create a build that complements this playstyle right away.



    8/10Smough's Hammer


    One of the best and most difficult boss battles in the game is created by Ornstein and Smough. With a few strategically placed hits and excellent teamwork, these adversaries can take out even the strongest warriors nearby.


    9/10Golem Axe



    It 's unfortunate that the Golem Axe is so underappreciated given that it is one of the best weapons available to players in the game . If players are pursuing a Strength build, it 's entirely possible that they have already completed the Strength requirements of this weapon by the time they are no longer occupying Sens Fortress.


    TheGolem Axe 's high attacking power and ability to completely pierce the defenses of the majority of opponents in the game are advantageous. An air blast projectile that can hit enemies at range is the cherry on top of the cake, but it significantly shortens the lifespan of weapons.


    10/10Tin Darkmoon Catalysthttps://www.farmgolds.com/dark-souls-remastered




    Players can cast high- damage magic using catalysts for relatively low costs. With its low Intelligence requirement, the Tin Darkmoon Catalyst truly excels in this regard , enabling users to cast some extremely potent spells.


    At close range, Dark Bead and Orb can cause severe damage to foes. It is simple to understand why players should use the Tin Darkmoon Catalyst if they want to experiment with different combat styles given how potent magic is in the majority of S


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