The Best Boss Weapons in Dark Souls 3

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    A weapon can be obtained by defeating a Dark Souls 3 boss, but some are superior to others. What are the best and worst boss weapons in the game ?


    Dark Souls and tough boss fights go hand in hand . One of the most recognizable and beloved franchises in recent memory thanks to the franchise 's incredible fights and distinctive settings. The variety of ways players can overcome the difficulties Dark Souls presents contributes to this praise.


    Their soul, a potent item with the potential to grant large sums of money or brand- new weapons and spells, is rewarded when they defeat the game 's toughest bosses. Even though some of these weapons are the most distinctive in the line, not all of them are equally made. While some of these weapons are meta- defining, others are not necessary. The seven best and worst boss weapons available in Dark Souls 3 are listed below.


    Some of the franchise 's best boss fights can be found in Dark Souls 3. Few games can match the intense duels that Dark Souls 3 offers, which include games like Gael and Nameless King.


    A boss soul, which allows players to transform the soul into a boss weapon, is awarded to the player who can defeat these bosses. Every Dark Souls player should take into account each boss weapon 's distinctive characteristics and base stats, even though not all boss weapons are exceptional. Weapons stats for each entry have been added to this guide, which also discusses a weapon 's damage output, the boss it is connected to, and any distinctive characteristics it may have.


    1/14Worst: Repeating Crossbow


    Gael 's greatsword or the Repeating Crossbow are available to those who defeat him. The Repeating Crossbow is by far the worst boss weapon in the game , so players may not have seen it before.


    The Repeating Crossbow is far behind its competitors with a flat 83 Attack Rating per shot and no scaling at all. This crossbow 's rapid- fire nature can only be attained by using its weaponry, which prevents movement. Using its main fire necessitates a reload, just like with every other. The weapon uses a bolt and 13 FP per shot to hit targets with appalling hip- fire accuracy in exchange for all of these shortcomings. It is nearly impossible to aim in this position.


    TheRepeating Crossbow, the lowest in the category, continues to have drawbacks with a pitiful 20 Durability. Long- term use of this weapon will cause it to break. It needs ongoing maintenance, uses too much ammo with each shot, and even has too many flaws to be used in PvP or difficult PE encounters legally. This weapon is among the best in the game in terms of fun. However, it 's the worst in terms of practicality.


    2/14Best: Hollowslayer Greatsword


    TheHollowslayer Greatsword is created by combining the force and speed of a straight sword with the damage caused by the hard- hitting great sword. After Soul Transposition is unlocked, this blade is available right away.


    This blade has the most user- friendly moveset and overall speed of any other greatsword. With each swing, the weapon 's hyper armor further enhances its solid damage and quickness, making staggers during attacks uncommon. Due to this , thrust attacks on this weapon are especially damaging, and they go well with Leo 's Ring.


    In addition, this sword increases its damage by 20% against all Hollows in PvE, a category that almost all enemies belong to. It 's a fantastic early- game decision that scales to the endgame for PvE.


    Another excellent PvP greatsword is the Hollowslayer Greatstag. It is a great weapon for dueling because of its adaptable moveset and quick swing speed. Someone becomes dangerous in PvP once they become accustomed to this weapon 's moveset.



    3/14Worst: Dancer's Enchanted Swords


    In Dark Souls 3, classics like the Sellsword Twinblades and the Demon 's Scar are among the strongest weapon archetypes. Enchanted Blades by Dancer are included in the same category but do not have as much of a literal or metaphorical impact.


    A blade that has three different types of damage must be dealt with by players. Since resistances vary so greatly between PvE and PpP, using it alone is a nightmare. However, things only get worse. Every stat must have a D scaling, even at +5, to make these blades truly shine in high- quality or hybrid builds. Although they have a fun and distinctive moveset, the weapon 's split damage seriously reduces its usefulness. The Sellsword Twinblades are a better option for anyone who wants to slash their way to victory.



    4/14Best: Gael's Greatsword


    It appears that splitting the Executioner 's Greatsword in half is all that is required for it to be a top- tier weapon. One of the strongest weapon arts in the game , Gael 's Greatsword, is a broken version of this sought- after blade. The great knight Artorias gets a run for his money because of how many quick slashes there are in this position.


    Any greatsword enthusiast who frequents PvE content must have solid damage because it complements the great moveset as well. However, Gael 's Greatsword in PvP is fairly predictable and a skilled opponent can parry it with ease. To avoid being stopped by frequent parries, use the weapon art sparingly against other players.



    5/14Worst: Valorheart


    The only advantage of this weapon is its fashionable moveset, according to Valorheart. This sword and shield combination, which can be obtained from the Champion 's Gravetender/ Gretter Greatwolf boss, offers a good deal of mobility along with some sword attacks. The problem is that the weapon causes hardly any harm.


    Attack ratings of 210 with D and C scalings for strength and dexterity are, to put it mildly, appalling. Even after taking into account the weapon 's mobile moveset, it can be challenging to estimate the damage output of this weapon. Only 60% of physical damage and 30 to 40% of elemental damage can be absorbed by the shield, which is also not very good . Due to the weapon art 's excellent stamina damage, it has some use for breaking shield guards, but most players would be better off pressing a player who is turning.


    This weapon is unstoppable in both PvE and PVP. All of Valorheart 's bark lacks any bite.



    6/14Best: Vordt's Great Hammer


    One of the strongest two- handed weapons in the game is Vordt 's Great Hammer, which players can get within the first couple of hours. One of the only weapons in DS3 that passively deals frost damage is this one, which has a B scaling in Strength when upgraded and deals significant damage per swing. Frostbite, which removes some of their HP while reducing their stamina recovery, will be applied if enough frost damage is sustained.



    7/14Worst: Firelink Greatsword


    The Firelink Greatsword can be obtained by defeating Dark Souls 3 's final boss. This blade is intended to represent fire itself because it was created by the Soul of Cinder. Unfortunately, neither intelligence nor faith can match it.


    Strength and dexterity are also ineffective. This blade 's stats only have a D scaling even when fully upgraded. When compared to its contemporaries, this weapon 's moveset is rather average, with a bog- standard set of greatsword swings. It is incomparable to the other greatswords on the DS3 's fantastic roster, both in PvE and PVP. The Firelink Greatsword is unquestionably the franchise 's most disappointing final boss reward, despite its incredible appearance.



    8/14Best: Wolf Knight Greatsword


    The Abyss Watchers, who are Sif and Artorias 'followers, are a fantastic battle with even better transposers. It can be difficult to decide whether to use the Wolf Knight 's or the Farron Greatsword. The Abyss Watchers 'signature weapon ultimately loses to the Wolf Knight Greatsword.


    Do not be fooled by the C scaling 's lackluster strength and dexterity when upgraded. One of the franchise 's most aggressive and quick movesets is found in the Wolf Knight Greatsword. This blade 's frequent spins and flips make it ideal for defeating aggressive opponents in PvE or outduing enemies in pvP. This weapon is ideal for eliminating Darkeater Midir and Aldrich because it also causes 20% more damage to Abyssal enemies.



    9/14Worst: Crystal Sage Rapier


    Some of the Dark Souls franchise 's most devastating weapons are said to be crystal weapons. Unfortunately, the Rapier of the Crystal Sage does not fit that description. Due to its terrible scaling, strength, dexterity, and split damage types, this blade only causes minor damage. Even worse, it has mediocre moveset and rather subpar weaponry.


    While equipped, increasing Item Discovery is its strongest feature, but players typically only use this off- hand weapon with the bonus. There is little justification for transposing the soul of the Crystal Sage if players are not interested in farming- related items.



    10/14Best: Frayed Blade


    The Frayed Blade, which was transformed from the Darkeater Midir Soul, is arguably Dark Souls 3 's strongest katana. Even though using it properly requires a staggering 40 dexterity, one of the game 's most potent weapon arts more than makes up for it.


    The biggest advantages of the Frayed Blade are its quick slashes, which reach as far as a Washing Pole, and its sturdy moveset. The Frayed Blade would rank much higher on this list if it had not been acquired so late in the game and had better durability. Undoubtedly, the effort was worthwhile in order to receive this reward.



    11/14Worst: Darkmoon Longbow


    The weakest bow in Dark Souls 3 is the Darkmoon Longbow. Players can use this weapon by killing Aldrich, the Devourer of Gods. The Darkmoon Bow is statistically the worst of its kind .


    Without Moonlight Arrows and its weaponry, this weapon struggles to compete with even the standard Short Bow because it only has an E Strength rating and a B Intelligence rating of+ 5. This weapon is far from ideal for the majority of engagements due to the low base damage split between Physical and Magic. This weapon will appeal to hybrid characters and role- playing builds, but Aldrich 's bow is a huge letdown given how strong Lifehunt Scythe is.



    12/14Best: Twin Princes' Greatsword


    The Twin Princes 'Greatsword, a covert boss weapon that can only be obtained by possessing Lothric 's Holy Sword and Lorian, may have been an allusion to the Nothern Regalia sword from Demon: Souls. This weapon is hidden behind a New Game cycle because those weapons come from the same boss.



    13/14Worst: Cleric Candlestick


    The player can make the Cleric Candlestick, a straight sword that also doubles as an staff, by eliminating the Deacons of the Deep. The idea that gish builds could use a melee weapon other than the Moonlight Greatsword sounds fantastic. Sadly, this weapon has so many problems that it is not even worth thinking about.


    Instead of using the player 's intelligence, the Cleric Candlestick scale casts spells based on their level of faith. Strangely, intelligence rather than faith is what causes the weapon 's magic damage. It is unfortunate that faith has no bearing on the damage this weapon causes because it scales the player 's spells. This weapon causes a pitiful amount of damage when upgraded, so it does not end there. The Cleric Candlestick can not be saved by its weaponry.



    14/14Best: Demon's Scar


    The Demon 's Scar is a curved sword made of pure flame that has been transposed from the soul of the demon prince. Although it scales with three stats rather than just one, this weapon only causes fire damage. The Demon 's Scar, which can cast pyromancies with its powerful attack, behaves similarly to a Pyromancy Flame to make up for this stat split.


    The greatest strength of this weapon is its utility. Due to its curved sword archetype, the ability to combine swings with pyromancies, and the fact that it weighs only 0.50 pounds, this weapon offers a variety of excellent attacks. Although every other build type in the game has a lower damage output, this weapon 's utility is unmatched.


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