What You Need To Know About Diablo IV End Game Modes?

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    In gaming, there's one aspect that will keep players coming back and that's the end game elements to keep players entertained, interested and drawn together. Here is a look ahead to Diablo IV's announced End Game modes and what to expect. 


    Important Note

    Before we begin, I want to advise that this detail is taken from the closed end game beta done in the ending of 2022. So, the modes and challenges discussed may change, and additional end game modes may be added to Diablo IV closer to release. 


    End Game Intro

    Diablo IV announced a few end game modes that players can experience in game, and were tested in a closed beta ending of 2022. Those modes were Helltide, Nightmare Dungeons, Fields of Hatred, Whispers of the Dead and the Paragon Boards. So, all above are what you can expect from these modes. 



    Helltides are region-wide events that are only available to players in World Tier 3: Nightmare difficulty. The demons of Lilith are stronger, more powerful and come in abundance. The loot you get in this mode mostly depends on the difficulty you're playing on. The higher the difficulty, the better the loot you get. 

    In addition, in this mode you will also encounter monsters that will drop Cinders. Cinders are also the dedicated currency found in common Helltide Chests.These chests provide an exclusive single item slot piece of equipement. But you have to be weary, cause you fall in Helltide, you lose all your Cinders. So, make sure you don't hoard them. 


    Nightmare Dungeons

    Nightmare Dungeons is very difficult. Once you're in that mode, it's like you are walking into your own nightmare. With massive amount of creatures and loot hauls. These Dungeons will become available to the player once you obtain a Nightmare Sigil, which are obtained by completing dungeons in nightmare modes and will add special modifiers that increase the ferocity of monsters. 

    Each Sigil provides a new form of modifier, which increases the difficulty, however at the same time increases the potential for higher-rarity item drops. The more Nightmare Dungeons you complete, the more Sigils you will receive and can continue to grow the dungeons up in difficulty, which benefits you in the end. 

    As players increase in World Tiers, new Nightmare Dungeons will become available with higher tier look and awards. 


    Whispers Of The Dead

    The Whispers of the Dead is similar concept to dailies. Once you complete a specific chapter in the main quest lines, the Whispers of the Dead become available to the player. 

    This end game mechanic will display Whispers on your map scattered through Sanctuary, which change throughout the day. Once you complete these Whispers, which are considered small tasks, you will be given gold, experience and Grim Favors. 

    The Grim Favors various depending on the Whispers you complete. But once you collect 10, you can exchange them at the Tree of Whispers for a wide haul of loot and experience.


    Fields of Hatred

    Fields of Hatred are your PVP focused end game mechanics. Mephisto has cursed specific areas of Sanctuary where players can dispatch demons earning them Seeds Of Hatred. 

    However, you need to keep a keen eye as other players can also run into these areas and attack you for the seeds. But if you're quick, you can bring them to the Altar of Extraction and transform them into Red Dust.  

    The benefit here is that once they are transformed into Red Dust, you cannot lose them if you are defeated in battle by another player. However, if you are not able to get them transformed and you fall in battle, your Seeds Of Hatred will be dropped and can be picked up by another player. So, make sure to give yourself enough time. 

    But what does the Red Dust do? You can use Red Dust at the PVP Cosmetic and mount vendors to get cosmetic rewards. Merely cosmetic attire, but worth it in my opinion. 

    These are just to name a few end game modes in the game with more expected to be announced closer to the date of release. Also make note that these can change depending on player feedback and experience. 


    Paragon Board

    And yes, I did miss one more mechanic, the Paragon Boards. 

    The Paragon Board is unlocked for each class at character level 50 and is a distillation of this focus. When turned on, characters start on the central tile of the board, from where players can make choices radiating outward. Once the hero reaches the gate tile, the player can choose which Paragon Board they want to connect to at that location.

    What are your thoughts on the end game mechanics and what are you looking forward to the most? If you want to know more Diablo IV news and guides, you can click at FarmGolds.com. And after Diablo IV is released, this website will also provide you with products or services of the game.


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