Where is Best to Put Your Attribute Points in New World

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    Where is Best to Put Your Attribute Points in New World

    New World is an MMO RPG, and as such, choosing your character’s build is a big part of the experience.

    In New World, characters get better at many things, and one’s level is mostly just representative of their Attributes.

    Other things that characters can level up in this game are their harvesting skills, crafting skills, and even weapon proficiency.

    Although attributes primarily influence characters in Combat, they also provide bonuses to skills such as harvesting and mining. Attributes can even help you with encumbrance capacity.

    There are many ways to distribute your Attribute Points when leveling up, and some of them are undoubtedly more effective than others.

    So if you already figured out where to find boars in New World and how to store your gems, but you haven’t figured out the Attributes yet, then this guide is here to help you.

    Keep reading to learn where is best to put your attribute points in New World.

    What Does Each Attribute Do?

    What Does Each Attribute Do? 

    In General, they will provide a bonus and most likely raise the damage caused by a weapon. But there is much more than that.

    This game added secondary bonuses that are unlocked when your Attribute has a certain amount of numbers.

    Each of them has its own unique bonuses granted each time you add 50 points to that Attribute up to a maximum of 300 points.

    Some weapons scale with more than one Attribute, but there is always one that brings more benefits than the other. The game divides them into Primary Attribute —the one that provides a more significant advantage — and Secondary Attribute. 


    This is the first Attribute, and it governs physical power. It is the main one for using the following weapons:

    · Sword and Shield (Primary)

    · Great Axe (Primary)

    · War hammer (Primary)

    · Hatchet (Primary)

    · Spear (secondary)

    These are the bonuses that you acquire from Strength for every 50 points:

    · 50 Points: +5% damage to melee light attacks; +10% mining speed

    · 100 Points: +10% damage to melee heavy attacks; +20 encumbrance

    · 150 Points: 50% stamina damage from melee weapon light and heavy attacks, -10% decrease in weight of mined items

    · 200 Points: 10% damage on stunned, slowed, or rooted enemies, 10% mining speed

    · 250 Points: Stamina regen is faster while performing light and heavy attacks with a melee weapon, 10% yield increase when mining

    · 300 Points: Light and Heavy attacks with a melee weapon gain GRIT; 25% chance to mine an ore with a single swing


    This one is associated with agility and speed. Dexterity is the main Attribute for the following weapons:

    · Bow (Primary)

    · Rapier (Primary)

    · Spear (Primary)

    · Musket (Primary)

    · Sword and Shield (Secondary)

    · Hatchet (Secondary)

    The bonuses for every 50 points of Dexterity are the following:

    · 50 Points: 5% chance to critical hit, 10% skinning speed

    · 100 Points: 5% thrust damage, 20% haste for 3s after skinning

    · 150 Points: Dodges cost 10 less stamina, -10% decrease in weight of skinned items

    · 200 Points: 10% bonus backstab and headshot damage, 10% skinning speed

    · 250 Points: 10% bonus critical hit damage on stunned, slowed, or rooted enemies, 10% yield increase when skinning

    · 300 Points: Guaranteed critical hit after a dodge roll (can only trigger once every 10 seconds), Ammo has 15% chance of being returned


    This is the main Attribute for Wizards and Musketeers. It also provides significant bonuses to harvesting actions.

    These are the weapons that scale with Intelligence:

    · Fire Staff (Primary)

    · Ice Gauntlet (Primary)

    · Rapier (Secondary)

    · Musket (Secondary)

    The bonuses for every 50 points of Intelligence are the following:

    · 50 Points: 10% damage to light and heavy magic attacks, 10% harvest speed

    · 100 Points: 10% to critical hit damage, 5% chance for 1 azoth when harvesting

    · 150 Points: 15% to elemental damage, -10% decrease in weight of harvested items

    · 200 Points: 10% mana after a dodge, 10% harvest speed

    · 250 Points: 30% duration to damage over time spells, 10% yield increase when harvesting

    · 300 Points: 30% damage on first hit on full health target, -10% reduction in Azoth travel cost


    That is an odd Attribute. Among the Attributes that are used with weapons, Focus is the only Attribute that has a single weapon to be paired with:

    · Life Staff (Primary)

    Focus also provides bonuses to fishing and mana regeneration, so it might be suitable for those who spend a lot of mana.

    The bonuses for every 50 points of Focus are the following:

    · 50 Points: 10% mana regen rate, 10% fishing line tension

    · 100 Points: 20% to mana pool, 10% yield increase when salvaging

    · 150 Points: 20% healing output, -10% decrease carry weight of fish

    · 200 Points: 20% duration on casted buffs, 10% fishing line tension

    · 250 Points: 30% mana on any self or group kill, 10% increase to caught fish size

    · 300 Points: When your mana hits zero gain 200% mana regain for 10s (60s cooldown), -10% cooldown reduction for Inn fast travel


    This is the only Attribute that is not associated with any weapon. However, Constitution will always be beneficial to any player because it increases one’s health points.

    The bonuses for every 50 points of Focus are the following:

    · 50 Points: All health consumables 20% stronger, 10% logging speed

    · 100 Points: Increase max health by 10% of your physical armor, -10% reduction on durability loss for tools

    · 150 Points: -10% to crit damage taken, -10% decrease in weight of logging items

    · 200 Points: 20% increase to armor, 10% Logging speed

    · 250 Points: -80% damage reduction when full health (60s cooldown), 10% yield increase when logging

    · 300 Points: 20% duration of stun, slow, and root spells, 25% chance to chop down a tree in a single swing

    Where to Spend Attribute Points

    Where to Spend Attribute Points 

    This question depends on a few different things, like the weapons you want to use and how you want to play.

    For instance, if you want to be the Glasscannon DPS character, there is a build for you, but if you’re going to soak huge amounts of damage and you don’t care too much about dealing damage, the build would look much different.

    For that reason, there are many ways to build your character.

    The Spear and Hatchet build

    This build depends heavily on Dexterity. It will grant you two weapons that deal decent damage and can provide a somewhat safe distance from some enemies.

    You will need Dexterity on at least 100 Dexterity to start taking the most out of the spear, but your might wanna get it to 150 as soon as possible. Getting this Attribute to 150 will be pretty helpful since that cheaper dodge will be pretty helpful.

    The extra crit chance from 50 Dexterity is nice, but the 5% Trust Damage is the thing that will make a huge difference when you’re using a spear.

    There are players who also go for 100 points on Strength in order to get that bonus damage on Melee Heavy Attacks, which is always good, but it is especially useful in Player vs. Player combat encounters.

    Rapier and Musket Build

    This is another very popular Build that demands you to divide your points between Intelligence and Dexterity.

    Your critical hits with a musket will deal a tremendous amount of damage when you get that bonus from having 100 Intelligence Points.

    Add that to a higher chance of getting critical hits, and your Rapier will benefit tremendously from it. Rapiers have swift light melee attacks, so it increases your chances of seeing a damage spike coming out of that crit chance.

    Rapiers also benefit from Strength, even though the weapon doesn’t get any scaling bonuses from it. That’s because of the bonus damage to light melee weapon attacks that come from having 50 points on that Attribute.

    Life Staff Wielder Support Build

    This is a build that only works if your character is meant to stay alive and keep others alive. Your damage output will not be impressive, but your support skills will be memorable.

    All bonuses from Focus help you as a caster, especially if you’re the healer of a group. Bonuses to Mana Regen, Mana Pool, Healing Output, and Duration on Casted Buffs are all quite significant to a support caster. Make sure to reach 200 Focus as soon as you can.

    To go along with that support theme of the build, dedicate all the other points to Constitution. This will assure that your character stays alive, healing and buffing throughout any quest or PvP battle.

    War Hammer or Great Axe with Sword and Shield

    This is the heavy hitter build of New World. You go for close-up melee attacks, high damage output, and the Sword and Shield for defense and mobility.

    The Attributes you focus on are Strength — 150 points as a must in this build, but all the bonuses are helpful — and Constitution for the durability factor.

    You won’t have access to long-ranged attacks, so you must be able to last longer do dish out massive amounts of damage — which you will have access to — making Constitution important due to the extra Hit Points and extra defense that it provides.

    Fire Staff or Ice Gauntlet As Primary Weapons

    These two items scale with Intelligence, so your main Attribute is going to be Intelligence, obviously, but spell casters in New World depend heavily on Focus as well.

    The Fire Staff benefits a lot more from critical hits than you’d typically expect, and both weapons will benefit from the elemental damage boost that comes from Intelligence, so try to get it up to 150 at least.

    You can also benefit from 100 Focus due to the extra mana and mana regeneration that it provides. The rest of your points can be sent over to either Intelligence or Constitution for extra durability.

    What to Do If A Build Turns Out Bad

    This is not something that you must worry about too much in Amazon’s New World since they made it quite simple to respect your attributes.

    Check how to respec your attributes in New World, and then think your build over and try again.

    There is no limit on how many times you can do it, so although there is a small coin price to pay, this is not something that should discourage you from experimenting with different ways to distribute your Attribute Points.

    Final Thoughts

    Final Thoughts 

    So there are many things to take into consideration when choosing where to put your points, but most of those decisions are directly connected to your weapons of choice.

    The first thing to keep in mind here is that you want to know what is going to be your main weapon and why you’re picking the second one.

    Note that doing that will determine whether or not it is worth putting 50 points in one Attribute or another. For instance, it is most likely not a good idea to put a lot of Focus if you intend to swing a War Hammer.

    Once you decide what weapon you want to use first, you might want to ask yourself how you intend to use it. Do you want critical hit damage? Do you want to use it for mobility while soaking a lot of damage?

    It is also a good idea to check the other attributes — other than the main one for your weapon — and see if there are any bonuses that can benefit you once you put 50 or 100 points in those.

    If you ever lose your patience while farming those points, you might want to learn how to level up fast in New World.

    Those questions will inform you how many points to put in a single Attribute and what is most likely going to be your secondary Attribute or even the tertiary one.

    So check what is going to be the weapon you find more fun to wield, then check the Attribute Bonuses presented in this guide, and then you will start to slowly figure out how you want to play your character, and you should have everything you need in order to decide where is best to put your Attribute Points in New World. 

    Last but not least

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