Where to Find the Corrupted Chaplain in New World

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    Where to Find the Corrupted Chaplain in New World

    When your ship crashes and you start facing adventures in the new world — pun intended — it won’t take long for the NPC called Leyson Reese to start asking you for a bunch of favors.

    You will have to find out where to find flints, a boar, and kill some resurrected drowned mariners or drowned sailors who returned to life as corrupted, evil zombie-like creatures that are but a shadow of the people they once were.

    Once you have dealt with the walking dead enough to please Leyson Reese, he will hint that he needs help putting an end to the source of the corruption.

    It won’t be entirely clear at first what it is, but as you progress through the quest, you will receive an objective that says, “Defeat the Corrupted Chaplain.”

    This guide will help you find the Corrupted Chaplain in New World so you can defeat him and leave the starting area of Aeternum.

    Starting the Quest

    Starting the Quest 

    If you need to find the Corrupted Chaplain for Leyson Reese’s quest — or any other NPC at the starting are where you spawned— you first need to know where to find flint and where to find boar in New World so you can be done with the previous quests.

    Once you’ve made your meal, learned to craft, and all that, you will be asked to check the source of the corruption that is spreading on the coast.

    From the Everfall Watchtower, look around and locate some huge stones next to a road. It should not be hard to identify a similar path to your right if you’re in front of a different watchtower.

    Once you do so, follow that road until you find some drowned sailors.

    If you know how to autorun in new world, just do it. You will find out that autorun is very useful for moments like these when you need to get somewhere and there is not much to do between locations.

    Reaching The Cave

    Reaching The Cave 

    You will find wild animals on the path, but they will not harm you unless you attack them first. So if you’re not looking for pork right now, you might as well just ignore them.

    However, if you’re in need of some Pork to make Rations, which is great to make to level cooking up quickly in New World, then you just have to look around when going down the road, and you should find something without putting much effort into it.

    The cave will be to your right and will be guarded by some drowned sailors and a drowned quartermaster. They are not hard to deal with, but be careful not to lure them all at once.

    Also, there might be a ranged enemy — a drowned grenadier — right at the entrance of the cave, so you want to avoid calling her attention as well. Approach carefully, kill them one by one, and you should be fine.

    Inside the Cave

    Inside the Cave 

    Here you will find a few enemies that can attack you from afar. They will be positioned on the higher ground, giving you a slight disadvantage to deal with them. Just make sure to take care of those first and remember to block.

    Also, if you have some rations, make sure to use one. Even if you have full HP, rations will grant you regeneration for a while, which can be helpful when you’re in a quest that makes you go in and out of combat frequently.

    Once you’ve dealt with those creatures, keep going in until you find more enemies. That’s how you know you’re on the right path. Eventually, you will have nowhere to go, and some drowned sailors will be guarding a weird wall.

    Going Through the Veil

    Going Through the Veil 

    The weird, reddish wall is called The Veil. Once you defeat the enemies guarding it, strike it down until it is destroyed. Doing so will reveal another path with even more corrupted enemies.

    Here, you will find a new creature called Corruption Swarmer. Don’t worry, though. It is not that powerful, and it can be easily dealt with.

    There are two paths here, one that goes up and will lead you to the outside, and one that goes down to the root of the corruption. That’s where we’re going.

    Kill the Corruption Swarmers and keep going down until you’re right in the middle of the corruption, where the floor looks like the veil that you just destroyed.

    If you’re unsure where to go, just track your objectives on the top of the screen. That should be enough to help you locate the creature we are looking for.

    The Corrupted Chaplain

    The Corrupted Chaplain 

    Once again, this is not a hard enemy. If the Corrupted Chaplain shows up, you should be able to deal with him by yourself without much problem.

    However, if you get surrounded by Corruption Swarmers while fighting the Corrupted Chaplain, that’s when you might get in trouble.

    Make sure you’ve cleaned the area before you start the combat. I won’t prevent more Corrupted Swarmers from appearing, but it might prevent you from being swarmed and defeated.

    Once you’ve dealt with the Corrupted Chaplain, you just have to return to the NPC that gave you this quest and talk to him.

    If The Corrupted Chaplain Did Not Spawn

    If The Corrupted Chaplain Did Not Spawn 

    Sometimes players will get to this area and not find the Corrupted Chaplain. What can happen is that they will roam away looking for the enemy and distance themselves from the objective, not seeing why they can’t find the creature.

    The corrupted Chaplain will spawn at the mentioned spot every time, but it might take a minute to find this enemy if other players just defeated him.

    Just stay there and walk around for a while, but do not go away. The creature will show up eventually, and you will be able to kill it just fine.

    Use this time to clean up the area, defeating some of the Corrupted Swarmers that might get in your way during the fight with the boss.

    Other Places With Corrupted Chaplains

    Other Places With Corrupted Chaplains 

    It seems that there are other locations where players can find the Corrupted Chaplain — most likely other starting areas.

    For instance, you can fight this creature at the Torrentdown Cave, which looks almost identical, if not completely identical, to the Undertow Cave.

    You will find the Drowned Sailors and Drowned Grenadiers guarding the entrance of both caves — although their strength might be a bit different — and a Drowned Quartermaster at the end. When there is no other path, you will see a Veil blocking your path, and destroying it will show the way to the Corrupted Chaplain.

    Please note that the Corrupted Chaplain is a bit stronger in this area of the map. Therefore, he might be a bit of a challenge if your character’s level is not at least 11. Especially if Corrupted Swarmers show up cause they’re stronger in this cave too.

    At Torrentdown Cave, the Corrupted Chaplain is guarding a Weapon’s Crate that contains a great ax — or at least that’s what I got from it.

    Finishing the Quest

    This is the last time you will have to do a tutorial mission in this region. You can go back the way you came to finish the quest. Go through the Cave, defeat the drowned grenadiers, sailors, and quartermasters, and take a left once you leave the cave to find the road.

    Now, just follow the road all the way to the Tower, where you will be done with the area of the map.

    In the Open World, the Corrupted Chaplain may or may not be involved with other quests, but it will surely be guarding some sort of reward. Be careful, though. The level of this creature might change from area to area, so check the level of the surrounding enemies before trying to defeat him on your own. 

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