Where to Get Life Reagents in New World

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    In Amazon Games’ New World, Reagents are resources for crafting.

    They are primarily used in Arcana, but since some reagents can fall under more than one category, it is not that unusual to see them in recipes of other crafting skills such as Stonecutting or Armoring.

    Just like with Earth Reagents and Water Reagents, Life reagents start at Tier 2, and they go up to tier 5. Each tier has at least two different kinds of reagents. Some are easier to find, some can be crafted, and some are pretty rare.

    When looking for Life Reagents, you might be in need of a specific item, or just one that falls under the category and tier you need to complete a recipe, which is why it’s good for you to know what you need so you can find the best and closest source where you can get such item.

    Knowing where to gather reagents so you can refine them might be an excellent way to level up Arcana fast in New World. Not only that, but you can also use refined reagents you crafted to make some gold.

    Whether you are looking for specific Life Reagents to profit from them on a Trading Post or just because you need to craft something, this guide is here for you.

    Here, you will learn everything you need to know about where to get life reagents in New World.

    Every Type of Life Reagent in New World


    Life Reagents have more variety when they’re lower tier. There are five different Tier 2 Life Reagents and three different Tier 3 Life Reagents. The other two tiers have only two different reagents each.

    In the table below, you can see every Life Reagent that you can find in New World and the tier it belongs to.

    Tier 2

    Tier 3

    Tier 4

    Tier 5

    Life Mote

    Life Wisp

    Life Essence

    Life Quintessence

    Lifebloom Stem

    Lifebloom Leaf

    Lifebloom Flower

    Lifemoth Eyes

    Gillflower Gills

    Gleaming Lodestone



    Where to Find Every Life Reagent


    Life Reagents, just like other reagents in the game, can be found throughout Aeternum. They can come from several different sources, and some are even dropped by defeated enemies.

    Life Motes

    Life Motes are a common resource described by the game as “a faint Essence of Life” that is used in Alchemy.

    Players can acquire Life Motes from Lifeblooms, Lifejewels, Lifemoths, Alchemy Crates, and Oil Supply Carts.

    Lifebloom Stems

    The Lifebloom Stem has alchemical properties that make it a good resource for potion crafting, which is why it’s commonly used in Arcana.

    This Alchemy Medicinal Material can be acquired by harvesting a Lifebloom Plant. This item is frequently used to craft Common Health Potions.

    Gillflower Gills

    Gillflower Gills are another Medical Reagent of Tier 2 in New World, and they can be acquired by harvesting a Gillflower Fungus.

    This item might be used by players who are crafting Common Health Potions, Common Regeneration Potions, Strong Lost Coatings, and many other items.


    Tanglewisps are an Alchemy Magical Material that the in-game text defines as “The flesh of a Tanglewisp mushroom.”

    They are tier 2 common Life Reagents and Magical Reagents that can be acquired by harvesting a Tanglewisp Fungus, and it’s used to craft Potions and Coatings.


    Defined by the in-game text as “the flesh of a Spinecap mushroom,” this Tier 2 common reagent is a protective resource in New World.

    It’s used to craft potions and coatings such as the Infused Regeneration Potion or the Strong Lost Coating. It can be acquired by Harvesting a Spinecap Fungus.

    Life Wisps

    The Life Wisp is an Essence of Life that is used in Alchemy. It’s an Uncommon resource that is not found around in loot crates.

    Life Wisps can be crafted by refining five Life Motes at an Arcane Repository of Tier 3 or higher. Doing so requires your Arcana skill to be at level 25.

    Lifebloom Leaves

    A Lifebloom Leaf is an Uncommon Tier 3 Life and Medicinal Reagent that is especially useful in potion crafting due to its alchemical properties.

    Just like Life Motes and Lifebloom Stems, Lifebloom Leaves can be acquired when players harvest a Lifebloom Plant.

    Gleaming Lodestones

    A Gleaming Lodestone is an Uncommon Tier 3 magical resource that pulses with lifegiving energy.

    It is derived from a bolder called Lifejewel that requires your Mining skill to be at level 50 for you to mine it. Doing so also makes you gain 158 Mining Experience Points. These boulders are somewhat common to the north of Brightwood.

    Life Essence

    A Life Essence is a powerful rare resource that can be crafted at a tier 4 Arcane Repository by refining four Life Wisps as long as your Arcana skill is at level 75 or higher.

    This Resource is used in Recipes for the Amrine Temple Life Staff, Cut Brilliant Diamond, Strong Regeneration Potion, and others.

    Lifebloom Flowers

    The Lifebloom Flower is a rare tier 4 resource that works as both a Life Reagent and a Medicinal Reagent in New World. It’s especially useful in potion crafting, according to the in-game text.

    Like Lifebloom Stems and Leaves, the Lifebloom Flower can be acquired when players harvest a Lifebloom Plant.

    Life Quintessence

    A Life Quintessence is an Epic tier 5 resource in New World. It can be crafted by refining three Life Essences at a Tier 5 Arcane Repository. Your Arcana Skill must be at level 125 or higher for you to be able to craft Life Essences.

    This item, combined with others, can be used to make Deepwatcher Ice Gauntlets, Powerful Corrupted Ward Potions, and Cut Pristine Diamonds.

    Lifemoth Eyes

    Defined by the in-game text as “the eyes of a Lifemoth,” this item is an Epic Tier 5 Life and Medicinal Reagent in New World.

    It can be harvested from Lifemoths as long as your Harvesting skill is at level 10 or higher. If your Harvesting level is below that for any reason, you might want to learn how to level up Harvesting fast in New World.


    Final Thoughts

    You don’t always need specific reagents in order to craft an item. Many recipes demand you to use a reagent of a specific type and tier. For instance, if a recipe asks for a Tier 3 Life Reagent, you can use a Life Wisp, a Lifebloom Leaf, or even a Gleaming Lodestone.

    However, note that there are recipes that will demand specific items, and you will need them in order to craft the item you want. So pay attention to what you need in order to make sure you’re going to take the easiest and safest route possible to complete your recipe.

    Also, before going on an adventure and spending rations and potions to find a reagent, please make sure to check the Trading Post. If you know how the Trading Post works in New World, you might also be able to take advantage of how Aeternum’s economy works so you can buy some reagents at a reasonable price.

    Last but not least

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